Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

So long 2009
Hello 2010


We wish you all a safe, joyous, prosperous and healthy NEW YEAR filled with family, friends, both new and old, and an abundance of love.

Huggins from Pat, Joe, Tyler & Lady.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two more days HO HO HO

Two more days, two more days, hehehehe, excited, excited, i am, i am.

Tyler is slowly trying to drive me crazy this week. He wants one of his gifts already and he will say anything to get it before Xmas day hahaha

He comes to me this morning and says
"Mom, there's something I have to tell you."
'What's that.'
"There is no Santa Claus, Mom. Not in the sense that some jolly man stuffs his butt down the chimney and puts gifts under our tree."

Well I just busted a gut laughing. And while I am laughing he says,
"So why are you making me wait for a gift you bought me 2 months ago. Do you realize how hard it has been for me to wait for that gift. I know you got it, Mom. So come on, give it up."
'Two more days', I said after I stopped laughing, 'that's not too far away. You go to bed tonight and tomorrow night, after midnight, if you stay awake, you can open your gifts. Or you can open them all when you wake up the next morning. It's not too hard to wait two more days.'
"Oh but it is, it's becoming really hard for me, Mom. I may just bust."
'Bust. And what will happen if you bust?'
"I will scream so loud, Mom, it will hurt your ears."
'Oh, that would be loud. But I will just leave the room.'
"And I will follow you, Mom, where ever you go, I will scream, Mom. I will give you 1 hour to think about it and then I will bust."
'One hour. Well that's just not long enough for me to think about it. How about, let's say, two days.'
"Come on, Mom. Two days. I can't wait two days, Mom, come on, Mom, please, please, please."
Then came a miracle, the door bell rang and in walked Mike, Tyler's buddy, calling him out for street hockey.
"This conversation is not over, Mom, I will be back," he says as he closes the door.
He came home several time for intermissions, with his buds, grabbed drinks, ate, and hung around the garage. By 8:30 pm they were done, 'toasted', as Tyler put it, as he put his head on the sofa pillow to watch t.v. and fell a sleep.
One night down, one day to go.

Blessed is the child, for one day, he too, shall be a king of kings.

Holiday Blessings to all from Pat, Joe, Tyler and Lady.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holiday Gifts for You - Freebies

Good morning, Scrap Land Peeps.

Are you all ready for the big day? I am so relax. I have just spent the past 8 weeks swirling around in utter chaos. Well it felt like that at times but in the end, wow, what a show, what a performance, what a spectacular event, totally worth every minute. Now I can relax until Valentine's Day, at the least. :)

I haven't had much time to create things in one sitting. Many short sittings enabled me to get some stuff done. There is still quiet a lot of stuff sitting on the drive unfinished and I hope to have it all done before the new year rings in. I'm crossing my fingers.
I was having problems with my eyes when I was on the computer too and I was getting headaches. I have one of those LCD monitors which are weird on the eyes to begin with and Joe has this florescent light above my desk and the two just are not compatible with me. Yesterday I switched out the lights with softer bulb lamps and wow what a difference. And because I was able to sit down last night and this morning without feeling sick or getting a headache I went and put some stuff together for you in honor of the holidays and as a big thank you for a wonderful year together. Mind you nothing in the stuff is 'Holiday' related and probably not of the best quality but you may find something you can use. I don't even have a picture to give you a hint, just as a gifts should be. :)

So check these out if you like....

9 papers in 3 downloads

5 elements in 1 download

37 frames in 1 download

4 overlays(masks) in 1 download

3 templates in 1 download

5 alphas in one download

You are all wonderful people and I am grateful for your kindness and friendships. My family and I wish you all the merriest of Christmas' and the most fantastic possibilities in the New Year.

Thank you.
Enjoy your downloads & Happy Holidays to Everyone

Friday, December 18, 2009