Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adobe and photo blur, Steve Jobs, Happy Fall Y'all

Hello Everyone;

A Happy 'Belated' Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and Columbus Day to our friends in the U.S of .A.
Autumn is HERE. Yeah! It's like spring in the trees; color everywhere.

I've been busy with other interests lately and haven't been doing much scrapping. I have been keeping up with some online news outside the scrap world; some of which I would like to share with you today.

1stly... Our deepest sympathies go out to the 'Jobs' family. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers, passed away on October 5th. There will be a big employee celebration on the 19th.
From the moment the news hit the wire, Steve was the first post on every techies blog, and lots of non techie blogs too, even newsprint. One of the sites I read is Tech meme. Every article on October 5th was related to Steve. It was totally amazing. Way to go Steve!!!

2ndly... some really important news from Adobe: Adobe touts end of blurred photos. I totally need this. Check out the You Tube sneak peak. And... to keep in the Adobe loop they have unveiled the Creative Cloud.

A lot of us use Tweeter, Facebook, Adobe, Apple, etc. and everyday somewhere out in web land someone is blogging about them. To keep up on their news releases, and then some, I check out sites like Mashable and Tech meme.
From these two sites you can get to many other very important sites and some top of the line blogs. Here are a few I read... Slate, covers many news topics and so does Wired. Engadget, hardware and software reviews. Tech Crunch, computer company business news. Life Hacker, this review site covers way too much, on everything and anything LOL. The Register, total computer news site. Slash Gear, for the techie app obsessed. Gizmodo, the gadget site. Ars Technica, all computer related.

On the graphic side, you might find something interesting from these sites. Peta Pixel, a blog related to photography and digital graphics. You the Designer, a graphic design blog. Here's an article you may like to read, Digital Painting Masterpieces that will Make You Dream.
Designer Daily, a blog about design. Design Edge Canada, for the freelancer. Smashing Magazine news for web designers and developers. If you own a Wacom then you might want to know about the Inkling :) Oh and I can't forget the Canadian Scrapbooker.

I also wanted to let my local scrap booker's know about the up coming Scrap Fest next Friday and Saturday in Oshawa, Ontario. Sue Sykes, Cathie Allen, Vicki Boutin, Becky Fleck, Kelly Panacci, Christy Riopel, Sarah Hodgkinson from Canadian Scrapbooker, will be the teachers :)

Check it out. I might see you there if you come :)

There's my ride. I am off to a crafting party in Bolton, Ontario. Thanks for popping in today. I'll post some pictures when I get back. Have an awesome Fall, y'all :)