Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decals - Freebies

Good Afternoon, All;

I am running out of time so I won't keep you but a minute.
As promised, here are those decals that Sara made.

Download them all in one file HERE

Tomorrow I will have some doodle frames for you and the following days I will have some papers for you.

I have to go, time keeps on ticking LOL
Enjoy your download and your day.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ella Lifted - Freebie

Howdy, All;

Whew, are we all having a wonderful week? I hope you are. Today I was home taking a rest from all the who ha when Sara came by for a visit. Sara is the lady who use to live in the building several blocks away from me and had the issue with the noise and moved out. She dropped by to give me some good news; they will be moving back into that building in July. The building was sold to new owners after the Super was sued in a class action suit by the tenants and won.

After Sara filled me in on all that news she then asked me to show her some computer and scrapbooking tips. We then spent the better part of the day having fun. From that fun, Sara made some things she wanted me to pass along to you. She said to tell you she is no pro and just likes to have fun.
These are a few of the things she wanted to do: make decals that had jelly like edges (see thru), how to make a template she could use over again, and how to make a quick pages. I showed her a couple of techniques for each of these and she went off like a whiz.
The day is never as long as we want it to be LOL so she didn't have the chance to get everything completely finished so I told her I would get what she did finish out tonight and the rest I will finish up and share tomorrow. Sound good, all? Okay!

One of the easiest ways to learn to make a layout is....scrap lifting. So Sara went online to some place, sorry I haven't a clue where, and saved an image to lift. I have the image....Do you know where it's from, who it belongs to? Please, leave a note so I can credit and link back. It's beautiful. I can see why Sara choose it.

Update: The follow layout was created by Nikki Hawkins @ Sweet Shoppe Designs Gallery.
The gallery link is

Thank you Sara for this info *mwah*

From it Sara made this layout...

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

And this quick page for you.
Click on the image to download.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

A lot of teaching hours went into it. She made the flowers and the curly stems and used Corel's patterns and textures. She also made the pattern for the back paper from two paisley brushes. She did fairly well on it all for only her third try at digital designing. Now she knows how to make a template and a quick page. And she realizes it takes a lot of hours to do things from scratch :)

We did the decals first which is why she didn't finish them up for uploading. The lift took us the longest LOL In the time Sara was making the decals I was working on some papers. When I took a break I noticed Sara was making all these decals in the same colors LOL She forgot all about changing colors. We cracked up about that then took a break, came back and did the lift.

It was a fun day for sure. And I think she is just a bit hooked too so she will probably be back, lots LOL

Well I best let you all get on with your time. Thanks for dropping in today.
Enjoy your download and your day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

DSO Sprout Mini - Freebie

After I kissed Joe off to work (hahaha) I was thinking about all the stuff coming up I still have to do, and it being Friday, and I probably won't be around for the weekend, and it being The First Day of Spring tomorrow........I have been slowly putting together a mini for the DSO cc called Sprout.....I might as well get it out to you today.
So I sat down, looked over what I had made already and put it all together for you. Then I noticed I forgot the eggs and did them after creating the preview LOL. I was just not up to doing the fences and baskets. Yup, I need me some sleep.
Jason will be here in 40 30 20 10 minutes to pick up Tyler and then they are going Sugar Maple Tapping, Hiking, and having an outdoor b.b.q. at a conservation area with the rest of his team mates. All boys/men. :)

Well I'm starting to fade so here's the preview to Sprout using Kim B's DSO CC for March.

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Sprout consists of the following (for now)

10 ribbons, 10 eggs
6 canvas papers, 6 frames, 6 brads, 6 swirls, 6 bows, 6 butterflies
4 floral swags, 4 bunnies
3 leaf stems, 3 flowers
2 clovers
1 bird, 1 tree

Sprout comes in 2 parts....
Part 1 and Part 2

Well folks, I am going to bid you all a good day, enjoy your downloads and again Happy Spring.

St. Pat's Mini 'n' QP - Freebie

Top of the morning, All!

Yes, I am a bit late with getting that out to you all. It has been a pretty busy week with loads of fun and we haven't even gone to the movies yet. LOL Hope you all had a Green St. Pat's Day.
I was online this morning, popping in and out while getting some house stuff done before heading out to Playdium for the day and I was able to read a few blogs and make equal thank you's to a few peeps. I am, of course, so behind. I finally finished burning 10 disc, kits for my auntie that she bought and photos, in the meantime trying to create and finish off a mini/quick page. Multitasking was my forte this week.
Last night I fell asleep during the last 5 minutes of the hockey game, can't remember what time that was, and woke up at 12:30 and couldn't for the life of me fall back to sleep. I think it was because my brain knew I had a project to complete LOL. So that's what I did. And the result is what you can take home with you today, if you like. Just click on the images to download.

Quick Page

Create your own pages with this Mini.

It took me awhile but its done and now it's just after 4 am and Joe will be getting up within the 1/2 hours so I must get breakfast started and start the day day hahaha. Will I make it is another story. Tomorrow we go see Alice. I am excited.
Oh, yes, before I forget and don't come back till next week LOL :) Tomorrow is..........

Happy Spring, All!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

March Break

Hello, Peeps!

It's just a bit past 10:30 pm and my Auntie just left after staying at our house for the week while her kitchen was being renovated. How I have missed MY computer these last few days. Every time she is here she totally hogs it and goes around buying stuff. Thank goodness she has no internet at home or she would be broke. Seriously. I have received 22 emails so far and I am waiting for 3 more. That is a lot of downloading and burning to disc, yah know! So next week, while Tyler is off for March break, I get to spent time doing that while my Auntie is off to the Bahamas to see her daughter for 2 weeks. Thank goodness Tyler has plans for the first part of the week. I would feel so bad burning disc while he vegged around waiting for me to do things with him during the day.
Joe is on days next week too so that gives us all the evenings to be together and go to hockey finals, and hopefully, I am crossing my fingers, we will go see 2 movies, Alice in Wonderland in I MAX 3D and Where the Wild Things Are (I remember reading that book as a kid). And of course we have to go to Playdium cause for 30 bucks the kids can have a lot of fun. I personally find it boring cause I am not into it. All I do is sit around most of the time. I was never an arcade or pool hall kinda girl. I play a few games but to me I would rather waste money on skiing (no snow, lots of rain thou) or a movie(see above) or (going to Micheal's and buying useful craft stuff LOL) then pluging it into some machine. It's not cheap either, some of these machines can start at 3 bucks a pop, for 1 game. Well at least the kids can have fun, kids can have fun just about anywhere, it's when they grow up into adults the fun changes LOL.
So again I am way behind on blog reading and getting any projects done for you all. My 365 pages are sorely lagging behind too; got all the photos thou LOL. Of course I do my art journal book every night before I go to bed, I would have to be so far out of it to miss doing that, like comatose or my hand isn't working, but it too is seriously lacking my creativity.
Hopefully this week I will visit some places that will peek some inspirations and creativity. Lets hope it doesn't rain all week either cause I sure could use some by the beach time to bring everything back into proper perspective.
Gees, time sure flies when your talking to yourself LOL, its nearing 11:30 pm. I best mosey on to bed. Time waits for no one.

Enjoy your day and March Break.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Full 2010 Calender - Freebie

Hoot to all.

Just popping in real quick to reply to Jody.

I got ahead on that already when you asked before LOL
> see post 2010-calendar-freebie

Here's the download link to the Full 2010 Calender.

No preview image, sorry.

Enjoy your day.