Friday, January 13, 2012

Pantone Papers - Freebie

Good Morning Everyone;

I was going to send you all a post on the weekend but due to Winter suddenly blowing in I am going to post today. I had a good laugh this morning. Yesterday I was asking a friend, 'Where is Winter?' Mother Nature must have heard me too LOL

Anyways, here's the preview.
And since there are 50 papers, I've uploaded 10 folders for the 10 colours, each with 5 papers in each.Please head to the following folder to download these.

Also I have done some cleaning up at Media Fire. None of the previous downloads found in previous posts are active anymore. I have moved everything into it's annual folder.
If you find something on the blog that you want, take note of the date and then head to the annual folder.
Here are the new folder links

2009 Here
2010 Here
2011 Here
2012 Here

Sometime in the future I will organize the blog to reflect these changes.

I best get going or I won't be able to go anywhere. It's a blizzard outside. Whee :)
Have a snow-riffic day.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Welcome 2012 Creative Market

Happy New Year Everyone;

I wish you all the best in 2012.
I hope you all had a terrific Christmas time.
Ours was peaceful.

One of the things I do ever year is get the Pantone Colors for the year.
Solar Power 13-0759, Bell flower 18-3628, Cabaret 18-2140, Sodalite Blue 19-3953, Margarita 14-0116, Sweet Lilac 14-2808, Driftwood 18-1210, Cockatoo 14-5420 and Starfish 16-1120.

I have already created some papers and I will share them with you this weekend.

I am also a Colour Lover and they have a message for all designers and consumers.

From the creators of COLOUR, Creative Market is a new kind of marketplace for handcrafted, mouse made design content. We have a simple, but important mission: to make beautiful design simple & accessible to everyone.
This mission is something we've been passionately living. We started with COLOUR lovers by building the world's best color community & creative inspiration site. By curating a supportive community for ideas to be shared and inspiration to be found, we've jump-started a massive amount of creative projects.
We then started building design tools that were simple & intuitive, but powerful & professional. These tools provide expert capabilities to novice creatives, and help them develop their skills.
Creative Market is the next piece of our mission that will help creatives easily access a wealth of beautiful design content for their projects. Whether it's finding a unique vector pattern for a textile, the perfect font with personality for a new logo, or any other kind of digital creative content that helps you produce something amazing.
Our friends at empowered the handmade goods revolution. We believe we can do the same for mouse made goods. Grab your creative tools and join us!
Sign up to be an early access member and we’ll hook you up with some free credits to check things out and see how much easier we’re going to make your workflow/design process.
Sign up to be an early access member & get $5 in free credits →
Do you make fantastic digital content to sell?
Are you a designer with beautiful vector shapes & patterns, fonts, brushes, photos, icons or other creative content you would love to sell in the Creative Market? Be one of the first publishers in our marketplace and let us promote your work to millions of people.
Contact Creative Market to be one of their first publishers →

Sounds good. Check it out. I can see a lot of scrapbook designers jumping in on this.
That's it for me for now. Off to dream land.
Talk to you again this weekend.
Pat M