Friday, May 01, 2009

Lake Path Quick Page and Alpha - Freebie

Happy (Inter) National Scrapbooking Weekend, Everyone!!

It's going to be a fantastic weekend. I hope you are all excited and join in on the fun, because there is fun to be had on every scrapbooking site. Forums are going to be rocking the servers.

I had attempted, twice this morning, to upload 2 files to Media Fire and they both failed to verify, twice. I was so disappointed that I couldn't get this to you all. I finally gave up after waiting a 1/2 hour with no verification in site. But they are up now and verified so let me get this to you.

As many of those who live in Ontario know it's been raining the last couple of days. I was kind of thankful for the rain because it meant I didn't have to do one of the things I was suppose to do. This left me with some time on my hands. Extra time means FUN.
I sat down at the computer, opened my trusty graphics program and began making a quick page and then I thought, lets take this to another level. So I separated all the parts of the quick page and put it all into a mini kit, with an alpha, so you could make pages too. Of course I got carried away and made several papers too LOL By the time I was done I had made 335 mb of stuff. WOW. How was I going to get all that to you. So I had to go back and think it over.

Here is what I came up with....

Watch This spot!!!

As I add the files I will underline the downloads below.

May 1, Today you will be able to download the quick page and alpha.

May 2, Tomorrow I will give you the elements and the paper that made up the quick page so you can make your own.

May 3, I will give you some papers and the second set of elements.

May 4th, I will give you papers and more papers.

There is no password to these files.

Here are the views :)

My Layout.

The Quick Page.

The Mini Kit

I am going to try to upload the other files asap.

Don't forget to drop in every day for the updated links if you want the Lake Path Mini Kit.

Thanks for reading my post today.

Enjoy your downloads and your weekend.

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbooking Weekend, Everyone!!!