Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Windows XP No Longer Supported

Hello & Happy Spring!

Today is the last day for Windows XP :) No more updates for this operating system :) This could mean vulnerability. If you haven't moved on to a newer computer and OS yet, you best get to it!
If you use Microsoft Security Essentials on the XP system, it too, will no longer be supported!
No Oracle Java, No Adobe Flash or Shock wave, Reader, Mozilla's Firefox Browser, possible browser add-ons, extensions, plugins, etc will update either.
You still can use your system, just not on the internet or installing any newer programs that may need updated support.

A couple of years back we took in the Windows 7 on the PC and laptops. Thou there are many things I love that are missing, well, not really missing, just a totally new, all bet, longer way to do these things, I have grown accustom to it. And you will too. Some friends went the Windows 8 way but I just couldn't get use to all those fingerprints interfering with my projects. I just need the pen or mouse, all those fingerprints are more distracting and even with a smartphone, this touch system is kind of lame at times :)

So I am back in the city for a few weeks after taking too hard of a chew the other day, hurting my tooth and blowing up my face with infection. Peter, here i come! I will also be Spring cleaning the house and setting up the outdoors for the boys, my normal every year things, gardening too. It's going to take me longer then normal as I didn't make it down here for Christmas so I have a lot to do :) Once I am done I am outta here. I really don't miss living down here. It's too loud and stinky and smog covers the area in a sheet of carbon fumes from the vehicles. Man, you don't see it when you're in it, but step back and WOW.

So get up to date with your OS, if you haven't already.
I may come back and post some stuff or I may not, it depends on how much time I can spare before turning in for the night. Okay. Off to get the boys and myself some much needed food. I am cringing to eat anything besides soup with unsalted crackers soaked in it.

Have a beautiful day & Happy Spring :)