Monday, November 29, 2010

Black Friday Shopping List

We would like to thank the following designers for giving us some of the most fantastic deals on the block this Black Friday Weekend.

We started shopping with $100.00


At DigiCrea

31 kits
1 Texture Pack

Bisontine 1 kit
Dilo 3 kits
Dydyge 3 kits
Elodie 2 kits
Fanette 5 kits 1 Texture Pack
Golden Sun 2 kits
Ninie Designs 9 kits
Noshay 1 kit
Piccolini Angeli 1 kit
Thalris 3 kits


At Just So Scrappy Too

10 kits

Just So Scrappy 3 kits
Crazy 4 Monograms 7 kits


At Scrap Orchard

13 kits

Anna BV 1 kit
Captivated Visions 2 kits
Designs By Kat 2 kits
Faith True 2 kit
Julie Bullock 2 kits
Lyndsay Riches 1 kit
MLE Card 1 kit
Vera Lim 1 kit
Ziggle 1 kit

At DigiTreats

1 kit
2 alphas

Pamela Owner of DigiTreats


Inspiration Lane

3 Texture Packs
2 Kits

Tami Miller 3 Texture Packs
Scrap Shana 2 kits

Total Items

57 kits
4 texture packs


Total spent



Still in the bank $4.04

Whew. We didn't make it to the five other stores we wanted to go to. LOL

I was only able to get 3/4 of a quick page done between yesterday and today. LOL

Enjoy your day

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh The Sales

Howdy Cyber folks;

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Cousins!
And look at all those SALES!
Best get on them a.s.a.p. cause they will be gone on Tuesday.

Yesterday was quite the treat for me. 7 am my aunt arrived and we went digi shopping till noon and ended up spending around 60 bucks. 45 kits in total. Now the fun begins in downloading them all. One store totally crashed and we couldn't get the downloads. I think that is the worst part of all the Black Friday sales. 10 of the kits will have to be downloaded during the week. We got all the rest thou so look out for some quick pages from me during December.

I am so jealous. Yesterday we got about a half hour of snow flakes that didn't even leave a mark. I want snow, snow, snow. My gfs in Utah, New Mexico, and several more states in the USA, got plenty to brag about. The New Mexico snow fall brought tears to my eyes. Here I live in the Great White North and they got snow before we did. Talk about a climate change. I was telling Joe we should move further north cause they got snow already but I don't think he's willing to do that for snow. LOL

Today I am relaxing, I so need it. Until 3 pm at least. Tyler has a game at 4 pm. My sister and brother will be coming around tomorrow to do our Christmas draw and then we will be heading out to 5 malls to pick names from the trees.
We'll be doing Christmas a bit different this year. We might not put up a tree at all. We usually put ours up on the 1st weekend in December but we won't be here. Tyler has a hockey tournament and we will be in St. Catherin's all weekend. The next weekend we have a wedding to go to out in Alberta and the following weekend we are going to New Brunswick. And Joe is trying to talk me into traveling somewhere exotic for the remainder of the month, which he has off. Add to this that I am involved in helping to set up the Christmas concert, the Christmas play, and 4 Christmas parties and you can understand why I so need some one to split me in three. LOL

So how will I be relaxing this morning? I going to make some quick pages, of course. Maybe I'll have one or two for you tonight.

Oh, yes, I am still boycotting 4 shared. They totally suck big time.

Have a snow-rific day.

Edit: 10:28 am

I got my's snowing, and it's staying, yehaw, yehaw, YEHAW!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Just a few Photos

Howdy Folks;

It's almost time for me to crash, as Tyler puts it these days LOL, so I thought I would share just a few pics with you. I am still transferring and organizing them, what a job when there are so many to do with such little time but here goes, in numerical order...

the pumpkin patch...

Joe's favorite apples

Tyler's favorite apples and mine

thanksgiving turkey

leaves on my tree

awesome sunrise

Joe's New CR-V at the side of our house

Frost Everywhere & Lady loving it

Well that's it from me...until we meet again

Enjoy your day

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy iNSD - Freebie

Happy International Scrap Booking Day Scrappers!

I didn't forget about you. I took some time out yesterday and today to get you a bit of stuff. It's not much and I am just about ready to go out for another hockey game at 3 pm so I couldn't add much more. Tomorrow I won't be around at all so I think it best to just give you what I've got and be glad with myself that I was able to squeeze some time in. Anyone figure out how to split me in three yet? LOL
No comments are required unless there is an issue cause I know there is just way too much stuff to download and do on this busy weekend. You can use the shout box as its way easier.
I used this months DSO Colors. Included are 5 papers, 2 different types of frames, 2 journal tags, a tree, 2 flowers, 2 leaves.
Okay, the preview and below it the links.

right click the links and open in new tab, it's way easier too.

Have a fab weekend.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Can some one split me in three, please

Howdy Folks,

Yes I have been MIA for quite a bit here on the blog. Time just doesn't slow down long enough for me to finish what I start LOL.
In the am, I am able to sit for an hour, if I am lucky, before I have to get going, this leaves me just enough time to pop in and visit some online buds, maybe a forum, and poof, the time is gone. In the afternoon I am lucky to get in an another hour and poof, it's gone again. But the time I finish my day I am beat. But today I took a short nap, 47 minutes, woo who, in the afternoon just so I could post this evening, still I am pooped and will be heading off to dream land as soon as I am done, yawning away as I type.

I know I have missed so much here in scrap land but I have been trying my best to at least stay in touch with some of you most of the time. Let's just say Google's Reader is probably over the top, I am terrified to open it and see all those posts.

I haven't had any time to scrap or make anything, there just isn't any free time to spare.

Kristine, I live in Oakville, Ontario, not to far from Kitchener, LOL ( i hope its the wench who left the message) will I come and visit? maybe at the end of spring if Tyler doesn't play ball this year.
Can you split me in three cause i wanna go up to see Pam up in Barrie too.

Oh when was it, early October I think, we went up to the orchard and spent the day picking apples, spent the next two days making 40 pies, what a nightmare, my hands ached for weeks peeling those apples. No I don't have a magic peeler to do it for me, but I am thinking about it, trust me.

This weekend Joe is off, man the guy works way too much, and this leaves me lugging the boys around everywhere. don't even talk to me about snow, I don't wanna see any. I've seen enough. Can some one buy me a ticket to the Bahamas, I so need some sunshine and a beach with some gorgeous blue tropical waters. Nah, forget it, I would probably sleep the time away and miss the beauty anyway.

Last Friday he got a new Honda Cr V and he won't let me drive it. He also got promoted, the snob, he's now a boss. Really, I am so proud of him.

Tyler has a garbage bin full of Hallowe'en crap, yeah it's crap to me. I am an icing girl and that's about as far as I go in the sugar department. That should last him till next year. He dressed up as, of all things, a hockey jock LOL Oh, he's a hockey jock alright, every game scoring goals, even teaching some of the new kids some of his fancy tricks. He cracks me up.

Don't even talk to me about pictures, I have so many I don't know where to begin. I can't promise I'll post any cause who knows when I will be able to post again. Please, split me in three so I can have some me time, pretty please, I'll pay you.

Well I have to go before I crack my chin off the table, I can't stop yawning. 6 am is just way to early for me.

Gotta go
Huggins to you all