Sunday, June 30, 2013

Good bye Google Reader, We Will Miss You!

Today is a sad day.

At midnight, Google Reader will be saying so long to all of us who use this awesome tool to feed read.
I wished this exact same format of feed reader was available elsewhere's not!
But there is something very close! And it's known as Feedly!
I have chosen Feedly as my new feed reader. If you use Firefox, there is an extension for it.
It's a bit different but with a little look around I was able to adjust to the formats quite easily.
There are a few different layouts and the side panel pops in and out.
I found a few glitches already but in time I think they will work them out. They are minor.
I didn't care for the search.
I am so accustom to the Google Reader format.
The adjustment to Feedly will take a bit, but with daily use, I will soon feel right at home :)

Happy Canada Day to Our Canadian Friends!
Happy Independence Day to Our American Friends!
May this long weekend find us all Having Lots of Summer Fun!