Saturday, October 17, 2009

Abbey Bonus - Freebie

Good Evening, Everyone.

It was a wonderful day here despite the nip in the air. After waking up we all downed some medicine, coughed and sneezed for about a 1/2 hour, ate, then headed out to the park to walk Lady. On the way back we bumped into some friends and chatted it up for close to an hour while the dogs played and nearly freezing our toes off LOL. After taking Lady back home we visited Joe's Mom and took her shopping. By the time we finished we headed back home for another dose of medicine and some lunch. We were then suppose to go to the haunted house charity party but it was too packed to even get in so we went back home and got Lady and headed up to the mountains of Bronte Park and spent the remainder of the afternoon there. Then we came home for dinner, ate, and had some more medicine. I then cleaned up and did some house chores while the guys played some war game, 1942 I think it's called. And while they are out in the living room right now watching Spider-man 3, I think, I am in the den chatting it up with you at the moment. Now I have only been given 1/2 an hour, by Tyler, to be in here, so I best get to what I am doing here. As promised, a bonus freebie for you. Yeah!

Click on the image to download

Whew! I still have 15 mins. left. By the time I really finish that time will fly right on by. :)

Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your download and your day.