Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ginger Scraps Party

Oh my goodness, I totally forgot... Ginger Scraps is having a Ginger Bread Ladies party!
...till Feb 4th. Talk about more fun then you can shake a stick at. And sales....loads. Check it out.


Happy Birthday SSD


Sweet Shoppe Designs is 4 years old today and they are having
1. a big sale in celebration. 34% off until Feb 4th,
2. a ton of fun to be had in the forum....all month long.
Check it out and have a blast.

I feel better after my long bath. The boys are still watching hockey. I am off to catch up. Hopefully I can make it through without craving know.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paper Withdraw - Memory Scraps Blog Train

Yup. I am a plain paper junkie and I have run out of plain paper. You see I have to draw or write and I need my plain paper. Let me tell you I am going crazy. If your computer has ever crashed and you've gone through computer withdraw you can totally relate to what I am going through. One never knows they are a plain paper junkie until the paper is finished.
Tyler brought me in a pack of lined paper from his school stash and I am suffering with it. I don't care for lined paper but it's paper, right. So I should just be happy with it. But it's not the same. totally not the same. I don't need lines in my work, I don't want lines in my work.
You see I make art books with my plain papers like we make scrapbooks with our photos. I have been making my art books since I was 9 years old. I have the first song I ever wrote, the first picture I ever drew, the first poem I ever wrote, the first hand drawn card I ever made. And to go a day without a plain piece of paper is like breaking a toe or thumb and realizing just how important that digit is to the rest of the body.
Can you tell I am going wacky. Heck, I am here telling you about it, like therapy, I must get it out. But believe me the only cure is plain paper. I so need it. I tried doing other things, honest, but I found myself needing paper, to write stuff down. I went for a walk to Helen's before the hockey game started hoping she would have paper since my corner store was out of paper, and I had a thought and couldn't write it down. Helen had no paper either but she wasn't going through any symptoms of withdraw. I phoned my cousin, not home. I am usually ahead of the game on stuff like that. I always stock up and usually have a full box while I am using the last pack. I thought I told Joe last week I needed paper, I think I even wrote it on the shopping list, but he says he doesn't remember paper being on the list. The list is garbage so I can't prove I wrote it down. Like it matters that I prove it. Yes I am going insane. Insane I tell you. Insane.

So I thought I must put my mind to something else so I went on line and read two whole blogs and poof, I needed paper. Now I must retain all the stuff I want to put on paper in my brain till Joe gets me the paper tomorrow. That is a lot to retain I hope I can do it, I have never had plain paper withdraw before and I hope I never will again. In fact I am going to mark that as a priority; 2 boxes of plain paper will now be stashed in our house at all times. And when 1 box is finished I'll get another. Never again will I be out of plain paper, Never. Never. Never.

Okay, so now you know.

And here some other exciting news.....

Memory Scraps has opened their store and they are having a blog train celebration.
Check out the blog for the train, pop into the store for their grand opening sale and say hello in the forum and see who the new designers are.
You can get to all the places mentioned above by starting here

The boys have been wrapped up in the Hockey Day in Canada event since noon and they don't even notice me LOL So I am going to go and have a long hot bath and listen to some music. And perhaps, just maybe, Joe will go up to the 24 hour grocery store once the events are all over and buy me some plain paper.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cuddlebeez & Just So Scrappy - Check it Out!

Some Scrap News.....

Brenda of Cuddlebeez Scraps has a new blog for her new Creative Team to display and tell you about her scrapbooking products. Please drop in a check it out. There are some gorgeous kits already up for your viewing pleasure and some awesome layouts by her fantastic team. Brenda will also be starting a Newsletter so don't forget to sign up for that as well.

Katie of Just So Scrappy has opened a new store and if you drop in before the 1st of February and make a purchase you'll get 25% off the already low price. Visit her blog to get the coupon code and learn more about her new store. Katie will also be starting a Newsletter so sign up for that as well.

Sonia, I am so glad you finally got them all. I hope you have a lot of fun creating with them.

Oh, the update on 4shared....I almost forgot...LOL...there are still a few glitches but they now have a 'click here' if the download doesn't take, which has worked great for me so far. I only missed one download yesterday (5/6) and I think it was because the server was really busy so I'll wait till it's not and try again, but aside for that one, all the others I downloaded have worked...Yeah!

Tyler and Joe will be looking for me any minute now so I will bid you all a good night.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scrap Designers - Oh Yeah

Hello Scrap-pers;

First; imchrists, did you finally get to download the sets? Please try again. File sharing sites are topsy turvy depending on the time of day. Mind you I still can't download some files I have been trying to get for the last couple of days from 4shared. Keep me updated if you don't get the sets, please. thanks.

Anon; I noticed there were 2 servers down at 4 shared. Anyone who uploaded and had their files loaded onto those servers can kiss them good bye. If you check out the 4shared forum you'll notice a lot of people complaining in there LOL
And here's a funny...I use Firefox and I block 95% of the crap that tries to get threw, so I go to get a download from the 4shared China server and it stops in the middle of the count down so I have to enable the entire page in NO SCRIPT just to get it to continue and then poof, it refuses to give it to me. Totally useless and a waste of time. Thank goodness I clear my browser cache too because no matter how many times I removed the China cookies they just kept coming back, on their own, without even being on site. Eventually I went off line and cleared it and poof they were history.
If you can work on your computer off line without any issues then your computer is fine.

Okay folks the reason I dropped in today was because it's Thursday and I have the rest of the day to play, until 8 pm that is, that's when Tyler comes home from hockey practice.
So I am off to read some blogs, lord knows how many reader has in there for me, and hopefully say hello to some of you in the comments. Plus I need to reorganize the reader as I want some of the people I subscribe to visible here on the blog and to do that I have to manual add them to blogger. So I will say adieu for now and keep a look out for the added blog links on the left.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

20 Templates - Freebies

Good Evening, Scrappers.

I feel I have neglected you all so much lately that I thought I would share with you some templates I created from some of the layouts I have made so far this month.

I have been really busy with family stuff, kid stuff and community stuff and some days I only have an hour or so to play before I am off doing one of the above.

Without further ado...Please find the links below the preview.

It's just after twelve here and I am nodding. I hope you find some use for these.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

4Shared Issues

Hello, All.

I finally finished reading 1001 blog posts after 3 days LOL I missed so much. Sometimes I wish the clock would stop ticking for a while but there's no chance of that ever happening. Life goes on without me LOL
Today I went to get 3 downloads from 4 shared, first time there in a couple of weeks, and I got several issues. I checked the site for any notes on these issues and could find nothing yet. So I thought it best to give you all a shout and let you know that there are some issues you should be aware of if you haven't noticed them already.
My first encounter with a download went threw all the motions until the download came, then I waited and waited and waited and poof, the page changed and no download appeared for 5 minutes so I gave up.
My second encounter with a download went threw all the motions until the download came, then I waited and waited and waited and poof, it went to a page that claimed the server had reached it's limit Huh? Unlimited, I thought LOL
My third encounter with a download went threw all the motions until the download came, then it went back to the first page making me re do the counter down and then it had the nerve to tell me I was already downloading it. Really? Where the heck was it downloading too and why hadn't I selected to save it LOL
My fourth encounter told me to come back later and try again LOL I hadn't even tried yet.
So I gave up, saved the download links and tried again later only for it to fail again.
Then I waited some more, tried again and the link to one of the downloads came up dead, link not valid, like when the download is removed from the public.

It's now 7 pm and hockey is starting soon and the boys are ready to beat my buns. We got a bet going and I have to watch at least 2 periods so I choose the last two periods giving me time to catch up on the downloads I missed but that idea flew out the window LOL
So I guess I will just have to do some layouts for this weeks 365.
What's a scrapper to do but scrap :)

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Music in Me

When I was younger and off at camp in the summer, my favorite event of the night was singing around the campfire; next to eating those smore's that is LOL
I had several favorite songs I loved to sing back then but over the years some of them just slipped from my mind while other bore a lasting impression and you will find me singing them quite often, to myself mostly, when I am alone. Well I think I am alone...most of the time. I've been caught by the boys on a few occasions sneaking up on me. When Lady is around, and this at first surprised me, she will actually come and sit near me, listen with this sweet look on her face and eventually go to sleep. I'll be the first to admit I don't have the voice of an artist but I have whale d out a good one at times. Just ask the dog ROTFL
This is one of my favorite songs from those days.


While the blossoms still cling to the vine
I'll taste your strawberries
I'll drink your sweet wine
A million tomorrow may all pass away
Then I'll forget
All the joys that were mine

I'll be a dandy
And you'll be a rover
You'll know who I am
By the songs that I sing
I'll feast at your table
I'll drink in your glory
Who cares what tomorrow may bring

Enjoy your day

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome 2010 - 365 - No Sweat!

Howdy, Folks!

We hope you all had a safe, warm and happy New Year's Eve. Previous posts tell what we did LOL. We have found it much more relaxing and enjoyable to stay home for the big welcome then to travel here, there and around. I read that's the norm for most of us :) Besides we were all fast asleep when the ball dropped. LOL

January 6th, the last day of Christmas, Epiphany. Time to take down the tree, decorations and wreaths and store them for another year.
Although the holiday is over and school SHOULD have been back in on Monday, Tyler has been off due to SNOW. I doubt they will be back this week at all. All the more hockey to play and watch for Tyler and his buds.
I was wondering if the snow would ever come. It's been so brown around here. What is winter without snow. So many places around us had snow but we were getting none. Monday is started coming down, then stopped. I was disappointed. But an hour later it started again, then stopped, then started, and it's been on and off like that ever since. :) There is a a good 3 inches so far. It been quite a pleasant hit to our neck of the woods too. It hasn't snowed up a storm and drop a heavy load all at once. It's just coming in a half an inch at a time. That's our neck of the woods. LOL

Have you all started your 365 Projects? I finally finished our 2009 album. I haven't printed it out yet. I will be doing that in February as gifts for Valentine's Day.
I was reading some blogs tonight which told of the dread of doing such things and the disappointment of not completing a 365 project.
Here's an idea to save your sanity....take a look at the project in a different light.
Reduce the compulsion to take a picture every day because you feel like you have to. So you miss some days, it's no sweat, really. A 365 project doesn't have to be a picture a day. It can just be just a yearly album of the pictures you took for that year. You do take a ton of photos every year, right. Well there you go. 1 year = 365 days.
You don't have to scrap them all either. Printing the pictures and storing them in a 'hybrid photo cache' is just as fun and you can drop in note cards, dried flowers, tickets, anything you might want to keep.
The Hybrid Photo Cache is not something you can go to the store and ask for by that name but you can get them. It's just what I call my expandable folder cases. It's organization in a case. I use them for lots of things like bills, insurance papers, tax papers, receipts for purchases, etc. I even have a case for Tyler where I keep his medical records, birth cerificate, report cards, his baby teeth, hair, and other stuff. You can get them at Wall Mart, Ikea, any Stationary or Office supply store. Some scrappers even decorated them up or buy them with cool designs already on them. My Aunt uses recipe card cases for her 5x7 photos, notes and keepsakes.
Overall just take a new approach to your yearly album and enjoy it without the stress.

Look at the time. I best get to bed. I hope there is enough snow on the ground in the morning to build a snow person. Tyler and his buds promised me today that they would build some for me when there was more snow to build them with. So Let it Snow!!!

Thanks for stopping in.
Enjoy your day.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Jan 1 2010

We hope you all had a wonderful New Year's Eve.
You may have been partying out or partying in, or you just may have partied like we.....hehehe

I fell asleep in the study around 9 pm and Joe came in and tried to wake me at 12:02 by yelling HNY. I wished it back to him but crashed back down for another 12 minutes LOL. I really had to force my self out as even now my brains are stew LOL But I got out of bed and said HNY to Joe again & Lady. Joe had already called his mother so when I went into the living room he was talking to his brother and I said HNY via Joe to him. Then I woke up Tyler and I wished him a HNY then he went back to sleep for about 15 mins before he wondered out and wished his Dad and Lady a HNY then wondered into the living room and fell asleep on the sofa. I checked my phone and called back those that I missed, Ang, Mary, Lydia & Cindy; HYN Girls! Chris, Sean & Mike; HNY Guys! Then we took Lady out for a walk and met up with several people, new and old, and wished them all a HNY. While walking we got calls from Kevin, Sara, Zhiona, Val, Beth, Ray, John & PJ; HNY Girls & Guys. We got back at 2:30 am, Tyler still asleep on the sofa.

It's now 3am on this glorious 1st day of 2010 .....WHooooooo Weeeeeee!