Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

So long 2009
Hello 2010


We wish you all a safe, joyous, prosperous and healthy NEW YEAR filled with family, friends, both new and old, and an abundance of love.

Huggins from Pat, Joe, Tyler & Lady.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two more days HO HO HO

Two more days, two more days, hehehehe, excited, excited, i am, i am.

Tyler is slowly trying to drive me crazy this week. He wants one of his gifts already and he will say anything to get it before Xmas day hahaha

He comes to me this morning and says
"Mom, there's something I have to tell you."
'What's that.'
"There is no Santa Claus, Mom. Not in the sense that some jolly man stuffs his butt down the chimney and puts gifts under our tree."

Well I just busted a gut laughing. And while I am laughing he says,
"So why are you making me wait for a gift you bought me 2 months ago. Do you realize how hard it has been for me to wait for that gift. I know you got it, Mom. So come on, give it up."
'Two more days', I said after I stopped laughing, 'that's not too far away. You go to bed tonight and tomorrow night, after midnight, if you stay awake, you can open your gifts. Or you can open them all when you wake up the next morning. It's not too hard to wait two more days.'
"Oh but it is, it's becoming really hard for me, Mom. I may just bust."
'Bust. And what will happen if you bust?'
"I will scream so loud, Mom, it will hurt your ears."
'Oh, that would be loud. But I will just leave the room.'
"And I will follow you, Mom, where ever you go, I will scream, Mom. I will give you 1 hour to think about it and then I will bust."
'One hour. Well that's just not long enough for me to think about it. How about, let's say, two days.'
"Come on, Mom. Two days. I can't wait two days, Mom, come on, Mom, please, please, please."
Then came a miracle, the door bell rang and in walked Mike, Tyler's buddy, calling him out for street hockey.
"This conversation is not over, Mom, I will be back," he says as he closes the door.
He came home several time for intermissions, with his buds, grabbed drinks, ate, and hung around the garage. By 8:30 pm they were done, 'toasted', as Tyler put it, as he put his head on the sofa pillow to watch t.v. and fell a sleep.
One night down, one day to go.

Blessed is the child, for one day, he too, shall be a king of kings.

Holiday Blessings to all from Pat, Joe, Tyler and Lady.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holiday Gifts for You - Freebies

Good morning, Scrap Land Peeps.

Are you all ready for the big day? I am so relax. I have just spent the past 8 weeks swirling around in utter chaos. Well it felt like that at times but in the end, wow, what a show, what a performance, what a spectacular event, totally worth every minute. Now I can relax until Valentine's Day, at the least. :)

I haven't had much time to create things in one sitting. Many short sittings enabled me to get some stuff done. There is still quiet a lot of stuff sitting on the drive unfinished and I hope to have it all done before the new year rings in. I'm crossing my fingers.
I was having problems with my eyes when I was on the computer too and I was getting headaches. I have one of those LCD monitors which are weird on the eyes to begin with and Joe has this florescent light above my desk and the two just are not compatible with me. Yesterday I switched out the lights with softer bulb lamps and wow what a difference. And because I was able to sit down last night and this morning without feeling sick or getting a headache I went and put some stuff together for you in honor of the holidays and as a big thank you for a wonderful year together. Mind you nothing in the stuff is 'Holiday' related and probably not of the best quality but you may find something you can use. I don't even have a picture to give you a hint, just as a gifts should be. :)

So check these out if you like....

9 papers in 3 downloads

5 elements in 1 download

37 frames in 1 download

4 overlays(masks) in 1 download

3 templates in 1 download

5 alphas in one download

You are all wonderful people and I am grateful for your kindness and friendships. My family and I wish you all the merriest of Christmas' and the most fantastic possibilities in the New Year.

Thank you.
Enjoy your downloads & Happy Holidays to Everyone

Friday, December 18, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving USA

To All Our American Neighbours (Family & Friends) .....Happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!

We hope your table is filled with a bountiful harvest, shared with the ones you love and your day filled with the joys of laughter and good conversation of times well shared.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Exciting News - New Site - Check it out!

Hello My Fellow Scrap Folks;

I just had to post this very exciting news. One of my favorite designers has a brand new site that you won't want to pass bye. It's has a specific theme which I think you will enjoy too.
To start this brand new themed site off with a jingle....well I can't give it away. You will just have to take the chance and click HERE to be whisked away. You will be glad you did.

I will catch up with you all later.
Enjoy your day

Friday, November 06, 2009

DSD - Freebies

Good Afternoon, Scrapbookers.

I was going to call you all scrappers but words have other means LOL

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. It is drop dead gorgeous outside and I feel great. Still a bit of a cold but no headaches today, yet and I have more energy.

Joe is presently sick in bed. He got infected again but this time it knocked him off his feet. I am praying, yes praying, that I don't get whatever he's got cause I think I will be a goner if I do. My lungs have been through enough. So I am keep a good distance from him with a Lysol wipe in hand wiping down everything. Tyler is staying far away too. He doesn't want to miss any school or activities.
And Joe was worried about our anniversary celebration tomorrow LOL.

Anyone who has kids knows what next Tuesday is, right. Sesame Street Day. Yup, 40 years ago Jim Henson and his buds got together and took the art of puppetry to a whole new level and thank goodness for that. I even love to watch Sesame Street and I have a few favorite Sesame Street songs too. Sesame Street is a terrific tool for educating any child and it's totally fun.

Anywho, I promised you a little something in honor of this weekends big event, DSD. I should say gigantic because every where in digiland there is just tons of fun going on. And since Joe is sick I just may be able to get in on the fun myself. Crossing my fingers.

So without further ado I offer you all 3 papers and a template. Just click on the previews to download.

I have a few things to do before Tyler comes home and Joe wakes up for his meds so I will say so long for now.

Enjoy your downloads and your day.
And Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day to you all.


Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Belated but Happy

Hello Everyone!

Happy belated Hallowe'en and Happy November.

I am still sick. Joe and Tyler got over their colds quickly. Unfortunately, because I already had a lung issue, I am still dragging this cold around. I have been to the doctors and I don't have anything more then a cold. I toss my cookies everyday, have constant headaches and cough way too much. Medicines just don't cut it either. I wake up dry mouthed every night and cough and spit phlegm for what feels like hours. Joe coughed so much his first week that he blew a vessel in his eye.

Joe has to do everything outside of the house lately because I just can't handle this situation in the public eye.
Joe took Tyler out for Hallowe'en and they came back within a half hour. What? Very few people were giving out treats because of H1N1. I had my cousin over to take care of giving out the treats but only 12 children showed up all night. Our street didn't even have the street party going on like they usually have every year. It's apparently that bad. A 13 year old boy died last week, so sad, from H1N1. What really gets me in his situation is that he went to the hospital and they sent him home and he died a few days later. Scary.

I haven't been able to read too much and I have tons of reading to do. I am almost at 1000 on Google Reader LOL
I have tried to put my mind into creating stuff but it takes me days to finish a paper. I am way behind on my 365 pages too.

This morning I feel okay so far so I thought I would get a word in while I can. Just so you all know I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth just yet LOL. I was able to read 4 blogs this morning.

KimB is one year older, oops, younger today. WOOT WOOT. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM! May you enjoy a hundred more. Drop by Kim's blog this week and you may find some surprises waiting for you. And drop into the forum cause there is a ton of fun going on.

November 7th is Digital Scrapbooking Day and there are celebrations going on all over the scrapbooking community.
All the scrapbooking forums are celebrating the entire month of November with fun things to do and many blogs will no doubt be giving out tons of freebies and having fantastic sales.

Oh, I wanted to mention this about blog sites & Google Reader before I forget. I have approx 865 blogs in my reader. I use my reader because it saves me space on saving and going through tons of blogs in my favorites list and Google Reader makes reading blogs so much easier. If a blog shortens its blog feeds so that I have to visit the blog itself just to read a full posting then it is no better then going to a site in my favorites. Some sites are also blocking a link so that I have to visit the site to go to the link provided, again no better.
Google Reader is suppose to be an asset, and it is too me cause whenever a blog posts I know, if a blog doesn't post I can see that too. It's my main reason for using it. If I was to visit every single blog in my favorites I would be here for hours because I wouldn't know who posted and who didn't. That would be a total waste of time best spent elsewhere.
I wish blogger would mark reading a blog in reader as a visit to the blog itself but it doesn't work that way, yet. I know a lot of site observe their hits. I personally don't count things like that but it's important to many out there.

Anywho, November 7th is not only Digital Scrapbooking Day but it's also our anniversary. We'll be spending it at home for the first time in 10 years. When I feel better Joe said he will take me out and do whatever I want or go anywhere I want. How sweet! I will probably think of something he might want to do and suggest that LOL.

Here's a funny Mom's may be able to relate too. Last Thursday I made dinner and the boys were sitting at the table while I got everything done. Tyler says to me, 'Come on Mom, we're waiting for you.' I said, 'Go ahead, eat.' He says, 'Mom, you always come late to the table and we're half finished by then and then we finish and you are still eating.' 'Yup', I said, 'Mom's always eat last.' He says, 'But Mom, that don't seem right cause we always leave you sitting here by yourself after we're done. You should eat with us and finish with us.' 'Well, my boy,' I said, 'it's a Mom's life to be last while her family comes first. It's always been that way and will always be that way. I don't mind it a bit cause I love you guys.' Tyler jumps up and runs over to me and gives me the tightest hug and says, "Mom, you're the best. Now come and eat.' And he take my hand and brings me over to the table and tells me to sit down. Then he get the drinks and brings them over and puts them on the table. 'There,' he says, we're all ready, now let's eat.'
Since then, everyday he can, Tyler sets up the dining table so that he can eat with 'his Mom'. He is so sweet. I swear Joe must be telling him stuff cause in 8 years he never mentioned this before. Maybe cause I am sick and he sees I can't do a whole lot like I usually do but it's a blessing none the less.

Well I typed this up before I posted and an hour and a half as pasted me by. That is just way too long to write up a post, don't you think LOL. Well I had several coughing attacks during the writing and my head is pounding and spinning; everything takes longer then normal with me lately.
Now I won't promise you anything but I will try my best to get you all something in celebration of DSD.

I have to let you all go for now, I need to rest. Thank you ever so much for dropping in today.
Enjoy your day.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Abbey Bonus - Freebie

Good Evening, Everyone.

It was a wonderful day here despite the nip in the air. After waking up we all downed some medicine, coughed and sneezed for about a 1/2 hour, ate, then headed out to the park to walk Lady. On the way back we bumped into some friends and chatted it up for close to an hour while the dogs played and nearly freezing our toes off LOL. After taking Lady back home we visited Joe's Mom and took her shopping. By the time we finished we headed back home for another dose of medicine and some lunch. We were then suppose to go to the haunted house charity party but it was too packed to even get in so we went back home and got Lady and headed up to the mountains of Bronte Park and spent the remainder of the afternoon there. Then we came home for dinner, ate, and had some more medicine. I then cleaned up and did some house chores while the guys played some war game, 1942 I think it's called. And while they are out in the living room right now watching Spider-man 3, I think, I am in the den chatting it up with you at the moment. Now I have only been given 1/2 an hour, by Tyler, to be in here, so I best get to what I am doing here. As promised, a bonus freebie for you. Yeah!

Click on the image to download

Whew! I still have 15 mins. left. By the time I really finish that time will fly right on by. :)

Thank you for stopping by today. Enjoy your download and your day.


Friday, October 16, 2009

We're Sick! Yippee!

Good Evening, Everyone.

The other day I mentioned that our family hadn't been sick yet this season. I am happy to say that we finally are, yippee! I know that may sound strange being happy that we are sick but I like getting it out of the way LOL We only have colds; runny, stuffy noses and coughs. It never fails, when I mention stuff like that it comes around. Okay, who's the fly on the wall?

Here is a layout I made with parts of Abbey.

I have a few more layout I did which I'll share sometime tomorrow when I post up a couple of more freebies. I am a bit on the exhausted side tonight so I won't chat you all up any further.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abbey Papers - Freebie

Good Morning, Everyone!

How was your Wednesday?
It was rather cold here but beautiful once I was out in it for a while.
Did I miss Indian Summer? It usually comes around this time of year. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it's just late. It's our favorite picture taking time. Lately my index finger is freezing on the shutter button and snapping with gloves on just doesn't feel right. Half the time I can't feel if I am pressing down on it. LOL And there is still too much greenery and wind. I've been trying to use the Kids and Pets setting more when taking photos in the wind and it kind of works. Still I need a new camera because all my photos are coming out dirty looking. Not a good layout does a dirty photo make. Fixing them with all these filters just doesn't cut it either. Nope, I need a new camera. Maybe I'll find one under the tree this Christmas (hint hint) {SLR please} :)

Today I have the remainder of the Abbey papers for you. There are two downloads. Here are the previews. If you would like these papers just click on each preview image to go to the download site.

Click images to download

Well I hate to cut you all short but I have some things to do before Tyler wakes up and Joe comes home.
Thank you for taking the time to drop in today. I hope you enjoy your download and your day.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Abbey DSO Mini Kit - Freebie

Hello Everyone.

It's pretty early here. I fell asleep at 7 :45 pm and woke up at 2 am. Boy are my sleeping patterns out of whack lately. LOL This is what long weekends do to me. :)
We had a fantastic long weekend thou. How was yours? We had roast duck for Thanksgiving, it was delicious. Did lots of walks and took lots of autumn pictures. I even got to wear my winter hat and gloves; it was that cold. We visited everyone on our list and then some. And I was able to get some free time in to make some pages with the DSO Colours that Kim's hubby gave us this month.
I'll share with you today some of the elements and a couple of papers. I also have another 5 papers which I'll post up tomorrow.
Here are the previews of what you are welcome to download today.

2 frames, 2 flat ribbons, 1 house cluster, 1 joker bird, 1 maple leaf
and 2 papers

Sorry about the previews. I must have saved them in the wrong d.p.i. Blogger compresses everything LOL.
In re to the house cluster and bird, I have left them flat. You may bevel them if you like to give them some rounded depth.

Thanks for stopping in today. I'll post the rest of the papers sometime later. I am off to get some more zees.

Enjoy your day and your download.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Have we lost the reason why we make scrap books in the first place?

Howdy all!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

It's been awhile hasn't it. I tell you life is good though and I am enjoying every minute of it.

I am pretty much back to my healthy self. I still get chunks that want to choke me though LOL
Doc says I should be prefect (is there such a thing) by November. I hope so. I never in my wildest dreams thought that sewer gas could harm a person in such a way and for so long.
I get lots of fresh air which, as of late, has been wet, but it helps. It's been raining all day and night and would be great if it rained all day LOL Selfish yes, less people on the road, less accidents, shorter queues, less people spreading germs LOL It's flu season & H1N1 season here and come to think of it none of us has been sick yet.

I finally finished reading all the blogs and emails.
Looks like a few more designers are leaving the scrap world and a few more are just giving up selling in stores and went back to giving out freebies when they can.
Times are tough for many and they just can't afford to buy stuff they don't really need (food and shelter being more important)
A few others just came right out and admitted that designing has taken over there lives so much that their families are being neglected. That is so so sad.

I've always thought that scrap booking was suppose to be a hobby of memories.
Have we lost the reason why we make scrap books in the first place?

If I miss out on scrapping I miss out, so be it, I won't lose any sleep over it. But if I missed out on my family I would regret it for the rest of my life. They are my world and my world is better for having them in it.

I was able to pick up Kim B's Colour Challenge swatch for October. I have been promised some personal time during this Thanksgiving long weekend which I hope to make something for this months 365 pages as I haven't done any yet and hopefully share what I make with you.

I haven't done a speed scrap yet cause the timing just doesn't equate with my free time which hasn't been much.
Here it is at 4:45 am. I fell asleep at 9:30 pm LOL and woke up at 3:35 am
Joe won't be home till 7 am and I have to go back to sleep before that or I ruin their day. 'Their' being Joe, Tyler and Lady. (This is what I have been told lately on Sat's LOL) I know they are up to something, time will tell. Hopefully, once they return we have to go to Grandma's, then to Joe's cousins, then shopping for some boots, then home for dinner by 5pm, eat by 6 pm, take Lady out for a walk at 7 pm and watch the sun go down and back home by 8:30 pm at the latest, do the dishes, watch a movie, have Tyler in bed and hopefully asleep by 10, then pass out myself. More then likely we may all crash in the living room watching a movie LOL
Busy, busy, busy.
Ah, life is beautiful!

Thanks for stopping in. Chat with you all later.
Enjoy your day.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

PickWick DSO Mini Kit - Freebie

Good morning, all.

Can you believe September is almost over already.
It's about 3 am here. Is it raining where you are, yet LOL. It's pouring here with a nip in the air. Lady had me up at 1:30ish barking at something. I thought someone was at the door but I found her in her bed in her room, just sitting there looking out towards the window. I did a check but didn't see anything. Then I couldn't fall back to sleep; so what's a girl to got it LOL

As many of you know Digital Scrap Obsession, aka DSO, has a color challenge every month. (There are many types of challenges there too) Well I finally got my scraps together and 26 days later I still don't feel finished. I still have to make some tags or something to write stuff on, so that will be a bonus for you all later when I get some time to do them. So today I would like to offer you all what I did get done.
The Challenge offers 6 colors so all the elements and alphas come in 6's. There are 5 papers thou only 4 are shown. I threw one extra in at the last minute after making the preview, and I added a template into the bunch.
This mini includes 6 buttons, 6 clips, 6 photo frames, 6x two types of ribbons credited to Deb The Scrapping Cop, 6 deco line, 6 Pickwick alpha standard sets, 5 papers and 1 template.

And because it's a total of about 140mb or so I had to divided it into 4 files. :)

And there you go. I hope you could use somethings in it.
I best get back to bed cause everybody else will be up soon.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Fading into Autumn - Freebie

Good morning, Everyone. And Happy Fall, 2 Y'All :)

I have been so busy when I am not sleeping. I am feeling better but I still have some build up of stuff in my lungs and every once in a while a big chunk tries to suffocate me LOL and I still sleep a bit more then I normally do, but Dr said I should be okay in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, life goes on and I had to create some stuff for Tyler and his friends. Their class went on a local field trip to observe the monarch butterflies preparing for their migration to Mexico and learn about the species. They also got to observe a multitude of dragonflies. They had to do a little project after and the mini kit below is a part of what we made.

Since I woke up a 2am for some odd reason and couldn't fall back to sleep I thought there was no better time then the present to get this up. It's been sitting on the drive for a couple of days LOL. It's not much but someone may find some use for it.

The above is part of a two pager.

The above is something I did with some of the other papers I made.

I may get a chance to share the rest of it next week.

I also did a little mini based on Tyler school colors for his yearly photos and I am adding more as I go along. I won't have to have that one ready for a bit.
I am moving right along with my 365 project and just finished doing the first week of September.
I also do a two pager for each month in review and I am all caught up on that. This was August.
This is also part of a two pager.

I am a bit behind on my blog reading and email pick ups but ah, such is the life of me :)


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Aloe Alpha - Freebie

Hello Everyone!

Since I can't concentrate long enough to actually create anything I went through some of my older stash today and found an alpha I did for a layout back then.
I found quite a few items but I was only able to sit long enough to give you this freebie today.
It's a bit late in coming as Media Fire was having issues earlier so I left it till this evening.

The alpha is large in scale and it takes 3 downloads to get it all. I also put in a couple of items that I used on the page I created, which I looked for but I burnt it to disc already so I can't show it to you LOL. The edges are a bit clear so the stuff behind will show through some. Hope you can use them.
Here are the links for you.

I have slept most of the day and I am off now to sleep some more.

Thank you for dropping bye.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Scrappy

I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. We had beautiful weather here for it.

Unfortunately I spent much of my time sleeping through it LOL I really shouldn't laugh because although I was feeling better at first but on the 7th day I wasn't feeling all that great. I appear to have something else wrong with my lungs now.
I went in on Tuesday for a follow up and I have to go back next Tuesday for some more scans. My left side lung hurts and my left side shoulder and neck. I feel like I am breathing fire, like my lungs are dried and hot. It's a weird feeling I have never had before. I hope those pills I took didn't do this to me cause pills are suppose to heal not damage, right LOL
Joe said to me yesterday, 'Gees, I hope you don't die on me.' That's how bad I appear to look to him. And I do look horrible too. I've lost weight: I use to be 135lbs now I am 111lbs. I have big black bags under my eyes: I never had this before even from loss of sleep. Something is wrong for sure, what it is, who knows.

I woke up at 7 this morning and since I am not taking those pills anymore I can finally read some. So I went to catch up and found I had way to much for me to deal with all at once so I am going to take it slow, a bit at a time.

So here is what I read so far.
Ellie Lash is leaving the scrapping community :( She is having a retirement sale which ends September 30th. If you love her designs then head on over to her store and grab all you can. Everything is real cheap.

Stone Accent Studios is having their annual Designer Contest and are onto round 2.
Brownie Scraps is almost finished their annual Designer Survivor Contest.
Ginger Scraps Designer Survivor is finished and the winner is March 76. Congrats!
The September blog trains have left the stations of ADSD (School Daze), CSD (Education Station), Pretty Scrappy (Loads of Learning), & Stuff to Scrap (Fall Festival).
That's all I got so far.

I need to rest, folks. I'll try to come back later.

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Feeling Better But...

Oh yes! I am feeling much better now.
Thank you for your concern, Mandy.

I went to the doctor and she gave me some pills, I hate pills. These pills were good ones and my lungs and throat are feeling way better but the pills make me tired so I have been sleeping a lot. I got 10 days worth so I will be dozing a lot till they are done LOL.
Joe is going to pick up Tyler this long weekend cause I can't drive. He doesn't want me falling asleep on my way up or back LOL. Funny but true cause the other night we were eating and I just dozed off. Lucky it was pizza and we were sitting in the living room watching t.v.
The plumbing inspectors were here on Tuesday and found the problem was coming from next door and got the next door neighbors plumber to fix it so no more stench. Joe dealt with it all while I was sleeping. I think Joe said it was something to do with their bathroom or something. He told me while I was half a sleep, I think, it could have been a dream though LOL
Of course I haven't been scrapping anything but as soon as I can keep my eyes open long enough to do something I'll share it with you all.
I tried reading some of your blogs this morning and I just couldn't concentrate, like right now my eyes are all over the place.
I am going to go lay down on the sofa. When I feel my better I'll make you all something and post again.

Until then...
Enjoy your day and the long weekend (Canadians)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Home, Home on the Stinky


Hello Everyone.

It has been a rather stinky week. Last time I posted I mentioned Tyler was going to the Ex. Again he had a grand time. The next morning, bright and early, I drove him up to the cottage. Unfortunately I couldn't stay.
There have been some major storms in our area and with them come sewer problems. Cities apparently don't build for heavy rain falls and so sewers back up. The last storm we had caused major damage to the system on our street and several houses on our street had this sewer stuff leak into their houses. Some had major flooding. What it did to out house was break the sewer gas piping. What this did was cause our entire house to reek of the sewer gas smell. So for the past few days we have had plumbers in to repair these breaks. Yesterday they finished the last of the fixings, or so they hope, and yet we are still getting this reek. Mind you it's not near as bad as it was but it's still here. So sometime next week some building code inspector is coming in to find out where this stink maybe coming from. Everything in our house is fixed so it's rather confusing as to why we are still getting this stink. Hopefully they can find it and stop it. Luckily we had no water or sewer debris come into out house.

As the woman of the house I am the only one who does the dishes here. We don't use a dishwasher so I do the dishes by hand. Since I have boys who eat and run, so to speak, you can imagine the amount of dishes I might do in one day. If I leave the dishes for one day it's really a nightmare for me with a whack of dishes to do. Since this sewer situation I couldn't do the dishes for 3 days. Even thou I sent the boys out for food cause we couldn't cook I still ended up with a whack of dishes. When the plumbers finished yesterday I spent 4 hours doing dishes. I just had to get them done as there was just no more room in the kitchen to put these used things and I was running out of cups and silverware. As I am doing the dishes and I can feel this air coming up under the sink with the reek of sewer gas. I haven't a clue where it's coming out from as a new wall was installed under there. Joe has looked and he can't seem to find any holes.
This morning I woke up with a very sore throat and I feel sick. I have made an appointment with our doctor for next Tuesday, it's the earliest I can get in. The remainder of my holiday is basically over.
I haven't had time to create anything to share with you all. Right now I feel like I am going to barf but I have felt like that pretty much of the day with no heaves as of yet. I feel very weak.

I thought it best to let you all know what's going on before I go lay down. Joe says if I feel the same way tomorrow he is going to take me to the hospital. It's not something I am looking forward to but as I feel right now I just may have to do that. I just hope I make it through the night.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wild Weekend

Good Morning, Everyone!

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did.
On Thursday, when I left to pick up Tyler from the cottage, I drove right into a storm. I had to pull over, the wind was so strong it was trying to push the car all over the place. Lucky I was far enough North to bypass the tornado's that hit up in Woodbridge. I never take the 401, it's such a nightmare. Those poor folks in Woodbridge got no warning and they want to know why. Many have no homes to return to while others have major repairs to do.
I tried calling my cousin who lives up there but got no answer yet. I sure hope they are okay. Hopefully they are up at their cottage (crossing my fingers). I'll have to head up there on my way out tomorrow and check in with them or at least make sure the house and property is okay.

On Friday we had a wild time at the Ex. It was pretty nice all day too, until we got home, then another storm hit while I was dropping off Tyler's buddy. They live in an apt building that has like 16 floors or something and they live up pretty high. It was a grand scene to see it all from way up there. I have some photos but they are on Joe's camera in Joe's car and he's at work.

On Saturday we had another grand time at our niece's birthday. I took pics with my cam for that. Unfortunately the darling was terrified of the candle on the cake and it turned into a crying game. Eventually her mother gave in, removed the cake to the kitchen and cut it up.
Last night I made a page with my niece after the incident, all happy as she normally is.

Not my normal style but her Mom wants the picture to be big on the page so she can frame it and see her darling without squinting LOL She is a real sweetie.
After we returned home another storm came in but it turned into a sun shower.

On Sunday the boys just wanted to fish off the dock; well Tyler did for the most part. I just sat in a chair soaking up the rays while watching them. Very relaxing. I was so glad I didn't have to put bait on a hook. Yuck.

I am a bit on the tired side this morning and I need to get some more sleep. Tyler is out at his buddies, already, and he will be gone for most of the day. Yup, he's going to the Ex again but with his buddies family. Oh, why am I tired... The neighbor 3 housed down had a backyard party which turned into a fighting match. Yup, too much booze and not enough food will do that. The police and ambulance sirens woke us at 2:30 am and this incident didn't end till 4:45 am. Joe went to work tired too. I can imagine quiet a few folks on our street went to work tired too.
Why oh why would they have a party on a Sunday night, duh.

So I am off to get some much needed sleep.

I hope you all enjoy the day.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Purposed Schedule

Good evening, All.

Just giving you the heads up that I will be leaving Thursday, after rush hour, to pick up Tyler from the cottage. I won't be back till late. On Friday I will also be MIA for most of the day/night as the Ex opens and we are going, just don't know what time that will be just yet, depends on the weather, which is cooling down some. The heatwave appears to have gone for the time being. On Saturday our niece is having her birthday party and we will be going to that. On Sunday, family day, I will be with the boys doing whatever they have chosen to do for the day. On Monday or Tuesday, it's back up to the cottage for Tyler and I and we won't be back till the 6th, that's a Sunday. That's how it's planned for now but who knows, things happen don't they LOL

I was finally able to get a layout up at the Stuff to Scrap Forum for the Color Challenge tonight. It's different then what I expected. I thought it would be like the DSO color challenge but its not. Instead you are given these colors and you have to use any of the STS kits and create a layout using the colors.

It's getting late and I must get some sleep so I will chat you up when I can.

Thanks for coming by and reading my post tonight.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Aside from my post earlier this morning, I have spent the better part of the day in the ER.

Joe works at a company that is very hot. With the weather itself being hot and humid, this makes his work place twice as hot as it is outside, even in the night. To top it off Joe works with steaming boiling hot water.
Early this morning while Joe was working with one of the fireman's hoses, it bursts from the seems and scorches Joe badly.
This morning he called me to say he would be late getting home. If he gives me no explaination I don't ask cause eventually he tells me what's up when he gets home. Well by 10:30 he still hasn't come home and I am getting kind of worried. So I give him a ring and I can hear the paging system in the ER sounding off so I ask if everything is alright. He then tells me what happened. So I find out which ER he is at, hop in the car and go there. Poor guy hasn't even been seen too and it's now 11 am and he's been sitting in there since 6 am with 3rd degree burns which haven't been attended too properly by his work. When we finally get in the spot (a bed with a curtain around it) we wait another hour for the attendant to see him. By this time Joe has nodding off cause he worked all night.
When the attendant sees him he gets mad at Joe for not being seen too earlier cause apparently burns should be seen to asap to reduce infection from the peeling skin and blisters. (Oh, I want to slap the attendant because it wasn't Joe's fault he had to sit there while the staff came and went having cigs, coffee and foods. He tells me later that he was outside chatting it up with the staff several times while he was waiting and had 4 coffee's himself.)
The attendant then starts peeling the skin of Joe's chest and neck and in one spot he takes off too much and it must have been good skin cause Joe yelped, pushed the attendant's hand away and asked him why was he trying to take off skin that wasn't damaged. Then the attendant just leaves and comes back 15 minutes later with this cream that Joe is to put on the burn daily. In the meantime he puts on a ton of this other type of ointment, bandages up the burn with this metal bandage and gauze and tons of tape and tosses the wrappers on the floor. When its all done Joe can't move that part of his body as the dressed up area is too tight for movement.
When we finally go to leave he tells Joe that he has to come back every day for 5 days and that he's not to touch the burn or bandages in any way. Lets just say we were confused when we left with this ointment in tow.
On the way home I stop at a red light and I read this ointments instructions: do not apply with metal bandages. Oh, isn't that what the attendant put on Joe? When we get home I tell Joe about the ointment and he reads the instructions. Then he asks me, "Did you see how filthy that spot was? Did you see the blood on the tables and floor? Did you see the attendant almost slip on that paper (probably a part of a bandage pack)? I am going to get a flesh eating disease and die like Randy?" Yes, Yes, Yes, No (I hope not).
I admit, our little family are kind of clean freaks. You can image how hard it was for Joe and I not to utter a word in that spot. We just wanted to get the heck out of there asap. Since our belated friend went into the ER for a popped knee and came out with flesh eating disease and died within a week, we have been terrified of hospitals. We seen him that very morning too, doing his landscaping in downtown Toronto and he was fine.
By 3 pm we were both exhausted and went to sleep. If I didn't wake up at 9:20 pm Joe would have been late for work. He just hopped out of bed, put his clothes on and out the door he went. Didn't even have a coffee or foods. What a guy. I would have at least taken the night off having spent the better part of a day in the ER and having little sleep thereafter. Now he's at work with no coffee, no food, no shower and tired.
Joe's work isn't going to be too thrilled either because he is a very important person at work and he has to do light duty till he heals, can't be around heat (LOL) and can't do his normal job. Now this would be okay if his team actually contributed to Team Work but they don't. Instead Joe will have more work when he gets back to his normal duties because no one will do his job properly. Mind you his team mates like to complain a lot about who isn't help them, all the time, like 50 times a day, but they won't help others. What a week they are going to have without Joe at there beckon call. He always helps them when he's done his work. Now he can't LOL. Oh the fun!

Well I best show you the pick, finish up online and get some sleep cause I feel a bit jet lagged, strange but true.

I took this picture after we ate brunch. Joe just ripped it all off because he couldn't move and it was a nuisance to him the way they dressed it. We have all the same stuff at home that they put on him in the ER so I just redressed it so he could move. Terrible looking isn't it? Can you believe he doesn't feel the burn at all. Weird LOL

That's it from me tonight. I totally missed a speed scrap I had planned for today but hey, what is a girl to do.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fresh Air Bonus - Freebie

Hello, Everyone.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Always greatly appreciated.

Today I have a bonus for you because I forgot to add the labels to the elements LOL

Click on the image to download.

Is anyone having issues with Google's Reader? I went to read up this morning and I had 10 sites in there where I use to have way more. Blogger appears to have retained the sites thou, thank goodness. The two are not in sync as they normally, umm.

A storm is presently hovering above and it's going to pour soon. There is a good wind but the humidity is making everything sticky. Hopefully I will get to play some today without the power going down LOL I have a few things to do first which I best get going on. :)

Thank you for reading my post today.
I hope you enjoy your download and your day.


P.S. Edit:
Google Reader and Blogger Not in Sync. Fix It Tip For Dummies (: Like Moi :)
Within Blogger's Dashboard click on 'View in Reader'. The page will load and the two will be in sync. Yeah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fresh Air Mini Kit - Freebie

Good Evening, All.

I had quite a bit of time to play today with the DSO Color Challenge for August. I made 7 pages and from them came a sort of mini kit which I named Fresh Air because the DSO Colors appeared fresh to me. I swear I kept wanting a kiwi and some mangos and peaches while I was playing LOL, but I opted for Fruit Cocktail without any kiwi or mangos in it. It did have peaches thou LOL.

I came away from my playing with nearly 80 elements and 5 sets of papers but i won't be offering you all that stuff today because it's like 1 gig.

The kit has 5 papers as seen in the quick page below, about 30 or so elements, not all shown in the preview, and only 2 alphas, 1 redish and one greenish (the 1st and 3rd colors on the DSO Color palette) .

Here is Fresh Air

Download the Alpha
Download the Papers
Download the Elements1
Download the Elements2

Any issues let me know so I can fix any.
It's also my first mini kit of sorts so let me know, if you like, how you like it.

It's about 1:50 am so I best get some zeez.

Thank you for reading my post tonight.
Enjoy your downloads and your day.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

DSO QP Freebie

Hello, All!

Thank you for all the comments on the free templates. I hope you are using them and have found no issues.

Whew! So far I've had such a fantastic time this summer. How about you all?
If I didn't have to do some pre-school shopping I think I would still be up at the cottage right now, starts on Sept 8th and I want to get everything done before the Ex opens on Friday. But believe me I won't be sticking around here for 3 more weeks waiting for the bell to ring.

I came back yesterday in the later afternoon and wow what a heat wave down here. I always drive in the off hours, no rush hours or high pollutions to deal with but once I open the window at Tim Horton's to get a coffee it felt like there was no fresh air to breath. Up at the cottage it's totally different; there is always fresh air even when its hot.

Last night, after I took Lady for a walk to get my mail from my cousin who lives a few blocks away, I hopped into the DSO to pick up the color swatch for this month. I began to play a bit and since I have a gazillion photos to scrap I made one quick page. When I play it goes on and on LOL cause well I am creating as I go so it takes way longer.
Here is the quick page I made and from it I made one for you all too.

Click on the image to download this quick page.

Right now I have to go and wash all the clothes I bought for Tyler, get all his school stuff ready and hopefully I will have some time to spare to get in another quick page or something. Tyler is still up at the cottage and he won't be back till Thursday night. Friday the Ex is under $2.00 to get in and he said he wants to go that day. Oh, the madness! I hope he wants to go in the late afternoon cause I don't think it will be all that great if we have to walk around sweating and passing out from the heat. This is truly naked weather, or 'the least clothes the better', LOL. Thank goodness for AC.

That's it from me for now.

Enjoy your day and your download.
Huggins Pat

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

7 Templates - Freebies

Whew, what a storm. I decided to stay the night as it looked as thou another storm was brewing around the time I was ready to leave. To while away the time I did some scrap pages. Then I turned those pages into templates for you because I have been absent for so long and you deserve something for the long wait :)

Here are the 7 templates. Just click on the images to download.

This one has some bonus buttons I made.

It's nearly 6:30 am and Joe will be home soon and then I will be off. Thank you for dropping in today. Enjoy your downloads and your day and we'll chat you all in a couple of weeks.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just for a Bit

Is it summer? LOL It's been the greenest summer in ages thanks to all the rain. And it has been a very rainy July. August seems to have started here with a heat wave and I am sitting here sweating even with the AC on. A storm is hovering over the valley at the moment and should make a lovely viewing soon. I love to watch the lightening show and hear the clouds bang together.
At the cottage, across the lake, they make an awesome light show and Tyler is just amazed. He prepares for them LOL. It's funny, he never did this before but now he watches the weather station news to see if a storm is coming then gets prepared. He makes foodies, puts his pull out chair in front of the window with his binoculars. He will watch the sky awaiting the storms arrival. When the storm finally arrives he stands on the porch until he can stand there no more and then rushes inside and plops down in his chair and watches with or without his binoculars all the while voicing his amazement with ews and ahs. Lady is another story LOL She hides and shakes in terror from the banging of the clouds and the crackling of the lightening strikes.

We, Joe and I, arrived home at 4 this morning and I will be heading back up to the cottage tonight and staying till the Ex opens. Can't miss the Ex before school starts :) I am having such a fantastic time and so is Tyler and Granny. Joe and Grandpa only get to have fun on the weekends LOL.

I thought I would pop in to let you all know whats up, which I've done. I did the shopping, did some house chores & paid the bills this morning. After this post I will check in with the scrappers and see what they have been up to while the laundry finishes. I know I have missed a ton of stuff LOL. Not to mention that I have missed you all greatly. Once school starts back up I should be back into the fully swing of scrapping again.

Well there is the first bang of clouds and oh there is the rain. Well I best let you go as the power may just go out LOL (August 13 2003, power outage across most of Ontario)(Father in law goes into hospital, dies hours after scope damages his lung during exam:( )

Okay, gotta go. Thanks for dropping in and reading.

Enjoy your day. & Your summer!


Friday, July 17, 2009

The Weekend Is Here

Can you believe I still haven't finished reading all the blogs.
I missed so much especially the CT calls which at first I was a bit sad over missing out on but then I had to be honest and ask myself if I could really manage doing that and the answer was no.
My life is too busy as it is and being summertime doesn't help in the least as I am rarely sitting at the computer now. Summer only comes once a year and I'd be dang if I wasted these gorgeous days inside. Nights, more then likely but days, no way.
I promised myself I would not let this hobby take over my life as it has done with so many. So many have burnt out or quit, and I truly don't understand how people with children manage to pump out a kit every week without neglecting things like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or more importantly taking care of the children and family.
I am sure you have read many a blog where the writer has mentioned these and other things and it always breaks my heart. I love my family way to much to let a hobby rule over them and their needs. I love my hubby to bits and he me so do I really need him gripping at me about the things I am suppose to have done but failed to do because of a hobby, no. I can't even remember the last disagreement we had, it's been that long, ages really. I am sure many of you can relate and or understand.

Eventually I will get the reading done but I am more excited now to be getting in on a few speed scraps while Tyler is up at the cottage. I have never done one in my life. But I won't be getting in on that fun till next week. I have only joined up at one forum so far and I promised two other people I would join up at their forums too. I think that 3 forums should fill in any gaps of free time I may find.
Well I best get prepping to head up to the cottage for the weekend. Yup, every weekend I possible can, you will find me there.
Summer, gotta love it and enjoy it to the nines.

So until next week....
mwah to all,
Enjoy your day and your weekend.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Here in Body but Not in Mind

Hello, All.

I hope you are all well and enjoying your seasonal days.

We are home now. My body is here but my mind is still up at the cottage. I have tons of reading and catching up to do and I have Jessica's course still to do.
Tyler is up at the cottage, possibly for the rest of the entire summer, kids change their minds by the second LOL, which gives me quite a bit of free time to catch up on assorted things, I hope. And we all know that when you miss a week in digiland it feels like a month, a month feels like a season, a season, a year.... :)
So I will catch up and get back to you.

Enjoy your day!

Friday, June 26, 2009

SC Critters - Freebie

We are all packed up and ready to go, folks. As promised I have one more freebie for you.

I hope you all know of Debbie aka The Scrapping Cop. A while back Debbie shared some great doodle type designs of critters and birds. I needed an elephant and a bird for a couple of layouts I was doing at the time and dug into her folder on my drive and began to play around. These are the results.

Click on image to download.

The preview looks horrible. Did Blogger compressed my image? I appear to be losing bytes when I upload things, first the zips and now images. Gees. Thank goodness for vacations :)

I will check in before I leave so if you have any issues get them to be asap. I don't know if the nearest town has an internet cafe or similar so I don't know if I will be able to check while I am on vacation.

Hope it all goes well.

Enjoy your days till we chat again, all.


Fixed - Freebies Zip File Errors

I received 8 messages in regards to both freebies downloads having errors.

I re-zipped both the files and have re-uploaded them. I had no issues with the file myself.

Please try not to download the file more the twice if you encounter issues.

Please let me know, asap, if these new files work.
I leave at 1 am. I tried the new zips and they work for me. I sure hope they work for you. Let me know, k.

Both previews in the posts below have been updated with links to the new zip files.

I will be back late tonight with another freebie for you.

It's so beautiful out so I am going back outside. We are going to start packing and repacking the truck at 8 pm. Fun, fun, fun, I tell you. It's always comical watching us do that LOL.

Enjoy your day.

New Links to freebies without scrolling down.....


Fabric Deco Flowers - Freebie

I was going through my stash this afternoon while the storm was raging outside and came across these Art Nouveau flowers I made in April which I forgot to share with you. These 3 are on a 12x12 canvas. The preview shows the up close fabrics I was experimenting with back in April, LOL

Don't forget to read the Terms of Use included in the zip file, especially if you create your own kits or quick pages. There is some good news in there for you :)

Click on the preview to download.
Link updated.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the above conversation. Please swipe it or write it down as you will need it to unzip the files.

Please note: If unzipping fails it is because the password for the zip file is not in bold letters.

Well that's it for me tonight. It's 1:30 am and I am off to dreamland.
I will pop in before we leave tomorrow night with another freebie for you so stay turned ;)

Loving yah.
Enjoy your day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael 'King of Pop' Jackson Dies at 50

Yes, Nicole, it's true!

Today, Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest due to the medications he was taken, just like Heath Ledger. Wow, 50 years old. So long, Michael.
It's 10 p.m and they have an entire show going on right now about him.
The number of viewers will be phenomenal.
DH, loves the Thriller music video. My first memory of Michael right now is the song, Ben.
Thank you Diana Ross for discovering the Jackson 5! Go Diana.
Thank you Quincy Jones for making Micheal's star shine.
Rest in Peace, Michael.


13 Overlay Designs - Freebie

I noticed overlays are becoming more available in the scrap world lately so I dug into my stash and pulled out 13 of them for you. I thought it best to get them to you now as I will be leaving for our vacation on Friday and won't be back for 2 weeks or so. I'll post when I get back.

It's nearly 5 and my headache is slowly subsiding, ever so slowly, and I need a tea. So I won't keep you long.
I hope you can find some use for these overlays. If you do use them I would love to see the results. Just post a comment, which are moderated, leave me your web site url in the comment and I will post a link to your results, if, of course, you post it online. LOL
Yes, you can use them in any free kit you give away too. Send me your links. Please keep in mind I will be on vacation so please wait till I come back for me to post your links.

I noticed I forgot to post the dimensions of these overlays in the preview. Sorry about that. They are all 12x12 : 3600x3600, in PNG format.

Here is a preview of the 13 overlays.

Click on the image to download.
Link updated.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the conversation above in Bold letters. Please swipe it or write it down because you will need it to unzip the files.

I need a tea. Advil makes my mouth dry LOL.
So I will bid you all farewell, until we meet again.

Enjoy your day.

The Lovely Award

It's late, 3:30 am.

I have an extreme headache that woke me at 2 am. It was so hot today and not a good hot either, and it's only the end of June. I could hardly breath, the air was so dead and hot. I am dreading July and August. If you are one of those who do not believe in global warm, at this point, I would have to say you are a nut. I feel sorry for those who have to work or even go in to any one of the cities. I seen 3 city centers from my friends balcony yesterday and they all had this gray haze over them. Sickly.
So after I woke up I thought what they hey, check out what the scrap world is doing. So off I went to check out a few buds and found I received an award.

It's my first award and from my Canadian bud in Alberta, Mandy, from Mandy Made Digi Bits, too.

Here are the rules for this award:

1. Put the award on your blog.
2. Include a link to the person who gave you the award.
3. Nominate 7 or more blogs.
4. Leave a message on their blog letting them know they have an award on your blog.

I won't have a hard time giving this award away. There are so many terrific scrap artists. My trouble will be picking just 7 of them. But without further ado the nominations are.

Each of these people are totally phenomenal.

1. Nicole from Digi Designs, Stuff to Scrap. The entire group at Stuff to Scrap are also phenomenal. I could nominate them all.

2. Kim B, Digital Scrap Obsession. The entire group at Digital Scrap Obsession are also phenomenal. I could nominate them all too.

3. Lily from Lil's Little Luxury.

4. Linda from Bon Scrapatit Designs.

5. Rebecca from Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness.

6. Jaelop from Jaelop Designs.

7. Ashely from My Dreams Full Filled.

8. Carolle at Happy Scrap. Can't figure out how to comment on her blog :(

9. Amy Sumrall, Lil Bits n Berries.

And these are just a few of the fantastic people of scrap land.

I have a special post coming up next so I will get on to that.

Thank you Mandy for this wonderful award.
mwah, gf.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Course with Jessica Sprague - Limited Time Offer

I had a bit of time this afternoon after picking up my mail, to gad about in scrap land and decided to drop into Jessica's place first and ended up getting side tracked. LOL
Jessica is offering a Free Course in July (6th) that I signed up for. You can sign up too but you have to hurry because time is limited; sign up before this Friday, June 26th.

I haven't been scrapping anything, just hanging out in the great outdoors doing stuff and getting a tan. I have lots of photos but no gumption to sit inside and scrap. What can I say but....

Summer! It turns me upside down! Summer summer summer! It's like a merry-go-round.
Magic: The Cars

I hope you are all enjoying your Summer in the North and Winter in the South.
I am off to tuck in Tyler.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to sign up at Jessica's.



Happy Summer!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Almost Summer

My goodness, I just finished reading approx. 30 days worth of postings from nearly 200 blogs. I missed soooo much in scrap land during that time its phenomenal. There were a few freebies I wish I wouldn't have missed out on but that 's how it is when freebies are only available for one week and I go on vacation for a month LOL. What's that saying, "You snooze, you lose."

Well it's raining here, again, today. It rained a good one yesterday too, washing out Tyler's baseball game yet again. Poor kids, they didn't get to play much this semester. Tyler has already said he doesn't want to be on the team next year. He wants a sport he can actually participate in on a regular bases, like basketball. It's indoors so not much chance of getting rained out. LOL
School is finished on Friday and Tyler will be heading up to the cottage for the summer. Ah, to be a kid, oh the fun. Joe and I will be heading up there for a few weeks for his vacation soon too. Yup, another holiday for me, too.
I just came back from a holiday, of sorts. When my family comes here from Europe everything I am doing in my life stops on the dime. They load me up in their rental vehicle and lug me around visiting family members that don't live near us. Like my cousin in Thunder Bay, that was a hoot, and my aunts sister in Vermont. I always have a blast with them which is why I don't mind dropping everything when they come.

I am still transferring pictures over from the camera. I did 4 4 gig sticks already. It's taking me a bit of time because I burn them to disk right away. I don't trust computers enough to let stuff like this lay on the HD for long. There is always that 1 in a million chance that something could go wrong. I have only had one HD crash on me and I literally broke down and cried. I had so much of my work on it. I am sure many can relate to that. I burn my stuff to disk as soon as I can.

I will be missing a lot here in scrap land simply because it is almost summer and when summer gets here I will be enjoying it. Mind you there are always the rainy days and the night times when I can try to get these family photos scrapped but I wouldn't put any money on me doing a lot of that. My family has already been warned not to expect the unexpected LOL

I must get on with my day, thou. I have several things to do today that must be done.

Until we meet again....
Enjoy your day(s)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

And a month later...

Hello, Everyone!
Yes, I have been quiet MIA. When was my last post, May 13th.
We got in yesterday morning and it wasn't till later in the day that I was finally able to get online to the scrapping world. 5 hours wasted on multiple software updates and a 3 hours and 35 mins and 31 secs virus scans.
I checked out a a couple of sites after the hockey game (YEAH! PITTSBURGH !!) but I was just too tired to do any further catching up or write you all here. Today got busy too, look at the time, just after 11. I am bushed. It will take me a few more days to adjust and get back into the swing of things. I'll fill you all in more later. I have way too many pictures to scrap n share.

Ah, the pillow is calling.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suzi & Anon

Just popping in for a spell to address a couple of issues.

1. Anonymous the passwords for any zip file offered here is always in red. If you are coloured blind this may be a problem. The password for CeeCee is party.

I thought about the blindness issues the other day and decided that all future passwords would be in bold letters. (never two words and never in capitals)

2. Suzi I got your email. Check yours in the am tomorrow. I'll send them out later tonight after I put Tyler to bed.

Download issues can happen to any one, including myself.
Recently my gf sent me to a file to download which I did and the file showed it was 48+mb. I scanned it with my virus protection software and then proceeded to unzip it and poof win zip claimed it was a bad file. I told my gf and she resent it and viola it unzipped.
Just this morning I also got another file and the download was intermittent (having breaks in the download). Thou the end file was good it left me wondering what was going on. I noticed a great fluctuation in download speeds too. Once I changed browsers I had no issues. I usually use Firefox but IE was my hero this morning LOL.

I also had problems with Blogger this morning. The site was suppose to go down at 2am and it usually lasts for about an hour thou they claim 10 minutes. This morning I went to publish the comments and it claimed the site was down. I checked with Marie at DigiFree and she too was having issues, with Google.
The outage is now posted for tonight at 2 am. I'll be in dreamland by then LOL

Firefox and Google. Perhaps the two are just too tightly fitted together. LOL

I am off to be with my men for a while.

Thanks for reading this post I hope it helped.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

CeeCee Quick Page - Freebie

Afternoon, All!

I hope all you Mother's out there had a fab weekend! It sure was heaven here LOL
I got a hibiscus from the boys called sunny wind, two cards and brunch in bed. We visited our Mother's in which both had parties going on. We had a blast for Mother's Day.

I was able to get another quick page done. This is one page from a set I did for my cousins daughter, CeeCee, short for Cecilia. She is such a sweetie. This is her having fun at her 2nd birthday party. Her third is coming up shortly.

Here is the preview of the quick page.

Click on the preview to download.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the above conversation. Please remember to write it down or swipe it and save it for you will need it to unzip the file.

I have several big projects to do this week in the house which will keep me pretty busy. One is scrapbooking all these photos our mother's gave me. Hopefully this will mean some more quick pages for you, but not right away.

Enjoy your download and your day.


Saturday, May 09, 2009

With Love Quick Page - Freebie

Good Evening, Everyone!

It's overtime between Pit and Wash with a tie of 3-3 and I wanted to get this to you before midnight as I was able to finish another quick page for you all today.
My mother loves swans so when we happened upon two nesting mothers this morning I took several photos. This is one of them.

In the background the father is rushing to get to his mate to protect her in case we may want to cause her harm. Lady does that to the waterfowl even if she is far enough away LOL

The beautiful flowers I used in this quick page are from Lynette's Photo Art.
The lace I used for the framing is from Gunhild Storeide.
These two terrific ladies offer free resources.

And here is your preview...

Click on on the preview to download.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the conversation above. Please write it down or swipe it and save it because you will need it to unzip the files.

Well that was a fast overtime period. Pits scored. They are the cup holders. Go Pits!

I am off to put Tyler to bed and hopefully work on finishing off another quick page for you before I head off to dream land.

Have a fantastic Mother's Day all. Talk to you all again on Monday.

Enjoy your download and your day.


Happy Mother's Day Qucik Page - Freebie

Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

Are you ready to relax and enjoy the servitude. It's always that way here on Mother's Day. I do not have to do a blessed thing. No cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, no mowing the lawn, no sweeping the front porch, no watering the lawn, no shopping, no dishes, nada, nil, zip LOL I hope you will have the same, cause you deserve it! I love being a Mom!
I also get to visit my Mother, bless her soul, I love you Mom! See you Sunday!
And we will be visiting, Joe's Mother, too.

I spoke with my Mother today and asked her if I could use one of her pics for a quick page for you all. "No close ups", was her request, "I like my privacy. And pic one from when I was young" Okay, Mother. I hope this pic is cool with you.

My Mother use to be a camp councilor at Camp Bolton. This is a pic of my Mother, the tallest lady, her assistant, and two of her charges (children she took care of), out in front of their cabin.

Here is a preview of the quick page.

Click the above preview to download.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the conversation above. Please remember to write it down or swipe it and save it as you will need it to unzip the file.

I have been slowly working on a couple more quick pages. When I get them done I'll post. The boys are going off somewhere today, this will leave me some free time to play. But I won't be in on Sunday so I will...

Wish You All
The Happiest of Mother's Day's.
May your day be filled with Love!


Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A Mother's Moment Quick Pages - Freebie

Good Morning, Everyone!

I had the opportunity to download a fantastic mega kit yesterday created by some of the folks from Stuff to Scrap. It's called A Mother's Moment and it's filled with all kinds of goodies.
Do you know this place? It's a fairly brand new place created by Nicole Parker of Digi Designs by Nicole. It has a store, a blog and a forum where you can have tons of fun. If you're into Speed Scraps then you just have to drop in to the Stuff to Scrap forum and have a blast. It's fun and it's easy and you may even get a surprise :)

After I downloaded A Mother's Moment I knew I had to make some quick pages with it. I only made two so far but the possibilities are literally endless and I will probably create more when I can.
I contacted Nicole and asked her for permission to allow me the opportunity to share these quick pages with you all and she was very pleased and agreed to allow it. If you haven't picked up this mega kit yet I suggest you do. You will not be disappointed. You can start by going to this post on Nicole's blog where you will find the list of all the participants.

Here is one of the pages I created with Joe and Lady taking in the scene at the lake.

And here is the preview of both. Both are available in the one download.

Click on the image to download.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the conversation above. Please write it down or swipe it and save it as you will need it to unzip the files.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and don't forget to drop into the Stuff to Scrap Forum and have a blast of fun and meet some terrific people.

Enjoy your download and your day.


Monday, May 04, 2009

NSBD - Fantastic Weekend

Good Morning, Everyone!

Did you have a fantastic NSBD? I sure did. I had so much fun. I spent about 100 bucks, tried my hand at a few challenges and met some really cool people. I didn't get to blog hop much because...
I spent the rest of my free time outside. It was a gorgeous weekend. The temperature was ideal.

This morning I did some blog hopping and found out I missed out on some terrific blog trains while a few others are just beginning.

Have you checked them out yet.

There is
Country Hollow Creations - Spring Fever
Faith Sisters- It's for the Birds
ADSD - Sunshine Beach
Ginger Scraps - Modern Mommy
Stuff to Scrap - A Mother's Moments
And I am sure there are more of them out there.

I also read some good news and some bad news

First the bad news...

Pamela from Digi Treats will be retiring. I was so sad when I read this. Still sad by it. I will miss her greatly. I hope she returns. Unfortunately no one can contact her and I just bet thousands would be trying. She will be greatly missed by many :(

And the good news....

Mandy from Mandy Made Digi Bits has joined a store and will be selling her kits. Ye haw! Fantastic. You go girl! Best wishes to you on your new endeavor :)

And LouCee has also decided to join a store and start selling her kits. Ye haw, again! LouCee is also a hybrid scrapper and very well known for her creative talents. You go girl, too :)
On a sad note thou, LouCee's Lenny passed away. Lenny is one of her poodles. It broke my heart. I know how much she adores her pups. And I had been following Lenny's sad story.
Very sorry for your lost, gf :(

I only hopped into a few blogs and forums this morning but I am sure there is tons more going on in Scrap Land. I'll try to catch up more later. Right now I am going to give my eyes a break, venture out into this beautiful day and enjoy it for a while.

Enjoy your day.


Friday, May 01, 2009

Lake Path Quick Page and Alpha - Freebie

Happy (Inter) National Scrapbooking Weekend, Everyone!!

It's going to be a fantastic weekend. I hope you are all excited and join in on the fun, because there is fun to be had on every scrapbooking site. Forums are going to be rocking the servers.

I had attempted, twice this morning, to upload 2 files to Media Fire and they both failed to verify, twice. I was so disappointed that I couldn't get this to you all. I finally gave up after waiting a 1/2 hour with no verification in site. But they are up now and verified so let me get this to you.

As many of those who live in Ontario know it's been raining the last couple of days. I was kind of thankful for the rain because it meant I didn't have to do one of the things I was suppose to do. This left me with some time on my hands. Extra time means FUN.
I sat down at the computer, opened my trusty graphics program and began making a quick page and then I thought, lets take this to another level. So I separated all the parts of the quick page and put it all into a mini kit, with an alpha, so you could make pages too. Of course I got carried away and made several papers too LOL By the time I was done I had made 335 mb of stuff. WOW. How was I going to get all that to you. So I had to go back and think it over.

Here is what I came up with....

Watch This spot!!!

As I add the files I will underline the downloads below.

May 1, Today you will be able to download the quick page and alpha.

May 2, Tomorrow I will give you the elements and the paper that made up the quick page so you can make your own.

May 3, I will give you some papers and the second set of elements.

May 4th, I will give you papers and more papers.

There is no password to these files.

Here are the views :)

My Layout.

The Quick Page.

The Mini Kit

I am going to try to upload the other files asap.

Don't forget to drop in every day for the updated links if you want the Lake Path Mini Kit.

Thanks for reading my post today.

Enjoy your downloads and your weekend.

Happy (Inter)National Scrapbooking Weekend, Everyone!!!