Friday, June 26, 2009

SC Critters - Freebie

We are all packed up and ready to go, folks. As promised I have one more freebie for you.

I hope you all know of Debbie aka The Scrapping Cop. A while back Debbie shared some great doodle type designs of critters and birds. I needed an elephant and a bird for a couple of layouts I was doing at the time and dug into her folder on my drive and began to play around. These are the results.

Click on image to download.

The preview looks horrible. Did Blogger compressed my image? I appear to be losing bytes when I upload things, first the zips and now images. Gees. Thank goodness for vacations :)

I will check in before I leave so if you have any issues get them to be asap. I don't know if the nearest town has an internet cafe or similar so I don't know if I will be able to check while I am on vacation.

Hope it all goes well.

Enjoy your days till we chat again, all.


Fixed - Freebies Zip File Errors

I received 8 messages in regards to both freebies downloads having errors.

I re-zipped both the files and have re-uploaded them. I had no issues with the file myself.

Please try not to download the file more the twice if you encounter issues.

Please let me know, asap, if these new files work.
I leave at 1 am. I tried the new zips and they work for me. I sure hope they work for you. Let me know, k.

Both previews in the posts below have been updated with links to the new zip files.

I will be back late tonight with another freebie for you.

It's so beautiful out so I am going back outside. We are going to start packing and repacking the truck at 8 pm. Fun, fun, fun, I tell you. It's always comical watching us do that LOL.

Enjoy your day.

New Links to freebies without scrolling down.....


Fabric Deco Flowers - Freebie

I was going through my stash this afternoon while the storm was raging outside and came across these Art Nouveau flowers I made in April which I forgot to share with you. These 3 are on a 12x12 canvas. The preview shows the up close fabrics I was experimenting with back in April, LOL

Don't forget to read the Terms of Use included in the zip file, especially if you create your own kits or quick pages. There is some good news in there for you :)

Click on the preview to download.
Link updated.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. You will find the password in the above conversation. Please swipe it or write it down as you will need it to unzip the files.

Please note: If unzipping fails it is because the password for the zip file is not in bold letters.

Well that's it for me tonight. It's 1:30 am and I am off to dreamland.
I will pop in before we leave tomorrow night with another freebie for you so stay turned ;)

Loving yah.
Enjoy your day.