Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Purposed Schedule

Good evening, All.

Just giving you the heads up that I will be leaving Thursday, after rush hour, to pick up Tyler from the cottage. I won't be back till late. On Friday I will also be MIA for most of the day/night as the Ex opens and we are going, just don't know what time that will be just yet, depends on the weather, which is cooling down some. The heatwave appears to have gone for the time being. On Saturday our niece is having her birthday party and we will be going to that. On Sunday, family day, I will be with the boys doing whatever they have chosen to do for the day. On Monday or Tuesday, it's back up to the cottage for Tyler and I and we won't be back till the 6th, that's a Sunday. That's how it's planned for now but who knows, things happen don't they LOL

I was finally able to get a layout up at the Stuff to Scrap Forum for the Color Challenge tonight. It's different then what I expected. I thought it would be like the DSO color challenge but its not. Instead you are given these colors and you have to use any of the STS kits and create a layout using the colors.

It's getting late and I must get some sleep so I will chat you up when I can.

Thanks for coming by and reading my post tonight.

Enjoy your day.