Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suzi & Anon

Just popping in for a spell to address a couple of issues.

1. Anonymous the passwords for any zip file offered here is always in red. If you are coloured blind this may be a problem. The password for CeeCee is party.

I thought about the blindness issues the other day and decided that all future passwords would be in bold letters. (never two words and never in capitals)

2. Suzi I got your email. Check yours in the am tomorrow. I'll send them out later tonight after I put Tyler to bed.

Download issues can happen to any one, including myself.
Recently my gf sent me to a file to download which I did and the file showed it was 48+mb. I scanned it with my virus protection software and then proceeded to unzip it and poof win zip claimed it was a bad file. I told my gf and she resent it and viola it unzipped.
Just this morning I also got another file and the download was intermittent (having breaks in the download). Thou the end file was good it left me wondering what was going on. I noticed a great fluctuation in download speeds too. Once I changed browsers I had no issues. I usually use Firefox but IE was my hero this morning LOL.

I also had problems with Blogger this morning. The site was suppose to go down at 2am and it usually lasts for about an hour thou they claim 10 minutes. This morning I went to publish the comments and it claimed the site was down. I checked with Marie at DigiFree and she too was having issues, with Google.
The outage is now posted for tonight at 2 am. I'll be in dreamland by then LOL

Firefox and Google. Perhaps the two are just too tightly fitted together. LOL

I am off to be with my men for a while.

Thanks for reading this post I hope it helped.

Enjoy your day.