Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Funk QPs - Assorted Papers - Freebies

Congrats Chicago! What an fantastic series you played. The entire series between Chicago and Philly was amazing. When ever I got the chance to watch some of it I seen 100% action on the ice. There were so many amazing plays.
The cities here are into the full swing of the World Cup Soccer Series now; flags waving every where. Little Italy, Little Portugal, Little Spain,Little Brazil, packed. The English Pubs are packed too. But there is no bigger party then the one for Africa thou. Every one I spoke with today was so proud of the country and hoped the event brought a calming peace to the lands.

It's a gorgeous Sunday here in Oakville. We came back from the shore about an hour ago and now we are relaxing before heading out this evening. I am feeling much better and am actually getting out and doing stuff again. There is no better time to get you all out some promised papers and quick pages then right now.

First up is Old Funk that were done for a friend of mine. There are 6 quick pages in this series.

Next are a mix of papers; 2 from my Spring Rain series, 1 from my Wildflower series, 1 from my Hearts series, and 1 from my Scenic series.

And that's it for now. So I am off to grab a bite to eat, walk the dog, visit Sandy and get ready for our evening out.

We hope you all enjoy your downloads and have a fantabulous day.