Friday, February 05, 2010

2010 Calendar - Freebie

Good Afternoon, All;

I am popping in real quick. I have to pick up Tyler shortly.

Jody commented that she hoped the rest of the monthly templates would follow. Well I was going to hold off and give them to you all one at a time, but why put off tomorrow what can be done today. So I converted them all into p.s.d files, zipped and uploaded them all.
I don't have a preview, no time, sorry, but they look similar to the Jan & Feb ones posted below. Oh, and I put them in the zip file too, so you can have the entire calendar in one place. Toss the others. The font I used was Black Jack. You can delete the text. I forgot to add that to the t.o.u.s.

Here's the link to the Full 2010 Calender.

Now I hate to run but the bell just rang.
Enjoy your download and your day.