Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter

I am popping in for a spell to wish you all a very Happy Easter!
I hope you all have a festive time with family and or friends.

This morning we went to church and spent some of the day at Joe's Aunt's place. This evening we are spending time with Herbie, the Love Bug, as Turner Classic Movie station has a triple bill on and Tyler just loves the bug. We just finished watching The Love Bug and Herbie Rides Again is starting in a few minutes with Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo following thereafter.
I don't think Tyler will make it through the second movie as he is yawning already LOL but we are recording them for him.
Tomorrow we will be visiting my brother in London and on Sunday both our parents will be over for the day. My sister and her family are in Maine visiting her DH's side of the family, my other brother is too far to visit; he is in British Columbia but he will call. Joe's brother and his family are going to his wife's parents house for Sunday dinner. A quiet weekend overall.

After we got back today I was able to log in to a few of the scrap sites with the Friends Connect using my Open ID, which may be best as this widget for Followers Friends, Google can't decide which is which LOL. I also added a few of the things back that I had before and finally put up the DigiFree and Technorati's logos.

Well the movie has started so I best get going.


Enjoy your weekend.