Monday, August 24, 2009

Wild Weekend

Good Morning, Everyone!

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did.
On Thursday, when I left to pick up Tyler from the cottage, I drove right into a storm. I had to pull over, the wind was so strong it was trying to push the car all over the place. Lucky I was far enough North to bypass the tornado's that hit up in Woodbridge. I never take the 401, it's such a nightmare. Those poor folks in Woodbridge got no warning and they want to know why. Many have no homes to return to while others have major repairs to do.
I tried calling my cousin who lives up there but got no answer yet. I sure hope they are okay. Hopefully they are up at their cottage (crossing my fingers). I'll have to head up there on my way out tomorrow and check in with them or at least make sure the house and property is okay.

On Friday we had a wild time at the Ex. It was pretty nice all day too, until we got home, then another storm hit while I was dropping off Tyler's buddy. They live in an apt building that has like 16 floors or something and they live up pretty high. It was a grand scene to see it all from way up there. I have some photos but they are on Joe's camera in Joe's car and he's at work.

On Saturday we had another grand time at our niece's birthday. I took pics with my cam for that. Unfortunately the darling was terrified of the candle on the cake and it turned into a crying game. Eventually her mother gave in, removed the cake to the kitchen and cut it up.
Last night I made a page with my niece after the incident, all happy as she normally is.

Not my normal style but her Mom wants the picture to be big on the page so she can frame it and see her darling without squinting LOL She is a real sweetie.
After we returned home another storm came in but it turned into a sun shower.

On Sunday the boys just wanted to fish off the dock; well Tyler did for the most part. I just sat in a chair soaking up the rays while watching them. Very relaxing. I was so glad I didn't have to put bait on a hook. Yuck.

I am a bit on the tired side this morning and I need to get some more sleep. Tyler is out at his buddies, already, and he will be gone for most of the day. Yup, he's going to the Ex again but with his buddies family. Oh, why am I tired... The neighbor 3 housed down had a backyard party which turned into a fighting match. Yup, too much booze and not enough food will do that. The police and ambulance sirens woke us at 2:30 am and this incident didn't end till 4:45 am. Joe went to work tired too. I can imagine quiet a few folks on our street went to work tired too.
Why oh why would they have a party on a Sunday night, duh.

So I am off to get some much needed sleep.

I hope you all enjoy the day.