Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day Dreams Quick Page - Freebie

I apologize for the delay in giving you your second gift today but Blogger and Picasa appeared to be having issues and I could not load the images. So I patiently waited for an hour or so and thought I would try again after I started dinner.

It's been pretty crazy here with the cable internet company today and I fear it may all go down again. Our entire block has been out and we had neither pretty much all day. Not that I need either but Joe sleeps with the t.v. on so I had to put the radio on for him instead. Thank goodness that was still working. I really don't need the internet to work on the computer, just the power company LOL. I hope it doesn't go out again tonight as I like to nodoff with the t.v. on one of the music stations. I like it way better then the radio as it doesn't have commercials and the t.v. display goes off and leaves the room in the dark.

Well I best get to telling you about your second gift before the internet disappears. :)

This layout was made with another one of Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness kits called Day Dreams.
The tag is from another one of Rebecca's kits called Dudes and the train is from another one her kits called Little Guy. I just had to use these extra two items as they fit in so well with the picture I wanted to scrap.
Joe is an explorer of sorts. He takes Lady to a new place every day and finds some amazing scenery. This train he discovered a few days ago. I haven't a clue where it is located so I can't share that with you as I forgot to ask LOL But he wanted me to scrap it so I did.

Rebecca has so graciously given me permission to create quick pages for you all with her kits so please drop by her blog, downloads some of her free kits to make some more quick pages, and leave her some love.
So without further ado here is your second gift for today.

Click on the image to download

Now I must get going as I have dinner cooking and there is nothing like burnt food, Yuck! LOL

Enjoy your download and your day.


The Beach Quick Page - Freebie

Good day, Everyone! I hope your day is as sunny as ours has been. It's been absolutely beautiful today. I have only dropped in for a bit as I want to finish out in the yard but I have a couple of gifts for you.

I have been working on a few quick pages in my spare time the last couple of days and finally finished up a second one this morning.

This layout was done using The Beach Kit by Rebecca's Scrapping Silliness. Drop by her blog, pick up this kit for free and leave her some love.
The image is of Devin and Lady at the beach a few weeks ago when Joe went to fix his computer. We will be visiting him this weekend and he wanted me to print out the pictures Joe took. We don't live by an ocean so I didn't add any starfish to this layout. Since I added the happy sun I had some fun with shadow effects.

Rebecca has kindly allowed me to share any quick pages I make with her kits so this quick page is just one of the gifts I have for you today.

Click on the image to download.

Please remember that I password protect all my zip files. The password can be found somewhere in the conversation above. Please remember to either write it down or swipe it and save it as you will not be able to unzip the file without it.

I will offer you all the second gift in another post.

Enjoy your download and your day.