Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fresh Air Bonus - Freebie

Hello, Everyone.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Always greatly appreciated.

Today I have a bonus for you because I forgot to add the labels to the elements LOL

Click on the image to download.

Is anyone having issues with Google's Reader? I went to read up this morning and I had 10 sites in there where I use to have way more. Blogger appears to have retained the sites thou, thank goodness. The two are not in sync as they normally, umm.

A storm is presently hovering above and it's going to pour soon. There is a good wind but the humidity is making everything sticky. Hopefully I will get to play some today without the power going down LOL I have a few things to do first which I best get going on. :)

Thank you for reading my post today.
I hope you enjoy your download and your day.


P.S. Edit:
Google Reader and Blogger Not in Sync. Fix It Tip For Dummies (: Like Moi :)
Within Blogger's Dashboard click on 'View in Reader'. The page will load and the two will be in sync. Yeah.