Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Almost Summer

My goodness, I just finished reading approx. 30 days worth of postings from nearly 200 blogs. I missed soooo much in scrap land during that time its phenomenal. There were a few freebies I wish I wouldn't have missed out on but that 's how it is when freebies are only available for one week and I go on vacation for a month LOL. What's that saying, "You snooze, you lose."

Well it's raining here, again, today. It rained a good one yesterday too, washing out Tyler's baseball game yet again. Poor kids, they didn't get to play much this semester. Tyler has already said he doesn't want to be on the team next year. He wants a sport he can actually participate in on a regular bases, like basketball. It's indoors so not much chance of getting rained out. LOL
School is finished on Friday and Tyler will be heading up to the cottage for the summer. Ah, to be a kid, oh the fun. Joe and I will be heading up there for a few weeks for his vacation soon too. Yup, another holiday for me, too.
I just came back from a holiday, of sorts. When my family comes here from Europe everything I am doing in my life stops on the dime. They load me up in their rental vehicle and lug me around visiting family members that don't live near us. Like my cousin in Thunder Bay, that was a hoot, and my aunts sister in Vermont. I always have a blast with them which is why I don't mind dropping everything when they come.

I am still transferring pictures over from the camera. I did 4 4 gig sticks already. It's taking me a bit of time because I burn them to disk right away. I don't trust computers enough to let stuff like this lay on the HD for long. There is always that 1 in a million chance that something could go wrong. I have only had one HD crash on me and I literally broke down and cried. I had so much of my work on it. I am sure many can relate to that. I burn my stuff to disk as soon as I can.

I will be missing a lot here in scrap land simply because it is almost summer and when summer gets here I will be enjoying it. Mind you there are always the rainy days and the night times when I can try to get these family photos scrapped but I wouldn't put any money on me doing a lot of that. My family has already been warned not to expect the unexpected LOL

I must get on with my day, thou. I have several things to do today that must be done.

Until we meet again....
Enjoy your day(s)