Saturday, January 30, 2010

Paper Withdraw - Memory Scraps Blog Train

Yup. I am a plain paper junkie and I have run out of plain paper. You see I have to draw or write and I need my plain paper. Let me tell you I am going crazy. If your computer has ever crashed and you've gone through computer withdraw you can totally relate to what I am going through. One never knows they are a plain paper junkie until the paper is finished.
Tyler brought me in a pack of lined paper from his school stash and I am suffering with it. I don't care for lined paper but it's paper, right. So I should just be happy with it. But it's not the same. totally not the same. I don't need lines in my work, I don't want lines in my work.
You see I make art books with my plain papers like we make scrapbooks with our photos. I have been making my art books since I was 9 years old. I have the first song I ever wrote, the first picture I ever drew, the first poem I ever wrote, the first hand drawn card I ever made. And to go a day without a plain piece of paper is like breaking a toe or thumb and realizing just how important that digit is to the rest of the body.
Can you tell I am going wacky. Heck, I am here telling you about it, like therapy, I must get it out. But believe me the only cure is plain paper. I so need it. I tried doing other things, honest, but I found myself needing paper, to write stuff down. I went for a walk to Helen's before the hockey game started hoping she would have paper since my corner store was out of paper, and I had a thought and couldn't write it down. Helen had no paper either but she wasn't going through any symptoms of withdraw. I phoned my cousin, not home. I am usually ahead of the game on stuff like that. I always stock up and usually have a full box while I am using the last pack. I thought I told Joe last week I needed paper, I think I even wrote it on the shopping list, but he says he doesn't remember paper being on the list. The list is garbage so I can't prove I wrote it down. Like it matters that I prove it. Yes I am going insane. Insane I tell you. Insane.

So I thought I must put my mind to something else so I went on line and read two whole blogs and poof, I needed paper. Now I must retain all the stuff I want to put on paper in my brain till Joe gets me the paper tomorrow. That is a lot to retain I hope I can do it, I have never had plain paper withdraw before and I hope I never will again. In fact I am going to mark that as a priority; 2 boxes of plain paper will now be stashed in our house at all times. And when 1 box is finished I'll get another. Never again will I be out of plain paper, Never. Never. Never.

Okay, so now you know.

And here some other exciting news.....

Memory Scraps has opened their store and they are having a blog train celebration.
Check out the blog for the train, pop into the store for their grand opening sale and say hello in the forum and see who the new designers are.
You can get to all the places mentioned above by starting here

The boys have been wrapped up in the Hockey Day in Canada event since noon and they don't even notice me LOL So I am going to go and have a long hot bath and listen to some music. And perhaps, just maybe, Joe will go up to the 24 hour grocery store once the events are all over and buy me some plain paper.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.