Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy iNSD - Freebie

Happy International Scrap Booking Day Scrappers!

I didn't forget about you. I took some time out yesterday and today to get you a bit of stuff. It's not much and I am just about ready to go out for another hockey game at 3 pm so I couldn't add much more. Tomorrow I won't be around at all so I think it best to just give you what I've got and be glad with myself that I was able to squeeze some time in. Anyone figure out how to split me in three yet? LOL
No comments are required unless there is an issue cause I know there is just way too much stuff to download and do on this busy weekend. You can use the shout box as its way easier.
I used this months DSO Colors. Included are 5 papers, 2 different types of frames, 2 journal tags, a tree, 2 flowers, 2 leaves.
Okay, the preview and below it the links.

right click the links and open in new tab, it's way easier too.

Have a fab weekend.