Thursday, April 02, 2009

Ice Cream Blog Train

I hope all you folks have an extra hard drive handy LOL

The third blog train to leave the station is the Ice Cream Blog Train hosted by a small group of friends over at Brownie Scraps. They are all ready to freely give you some gifts for your summer layouts.
So hop on board and begin your journey here.

Enjoy the ride.


Freebie - Julia Layout

Tyler is presently outside and guess what he is doing LOL Playing hockey! One would think that since the hockey season is over for him he would take up baseball or something other then hockey LOL But nope, hockey it is. Either way he has given me some time to do some web surfing and sharing.

I have only had the opportunity to download a few of the Spring Things mega kit offering and I haven't even touched upon the Spring Blossom mega kit offerings yet. I am totally behind on internet happenings and the visiting of my regular haunts. What can I say, life does not slow down and there are only so many hours in a day LOL

However, sharing is the reason for this post and Mandy from Mandy Made Digi-Bits has kindly given me permission to share the Julia layout I made with you all. She is so cool! Thank you Sweetie! mwah

Sharing is a wonderful thing but like so many designers have discovered, there are thieves lurking about. And designers abhor thieves. So in light of the truth of this matter I have opted to use Media Fire as my file host and to password protect my zip files.
What this means is that a thief can take my files but they will not be able to get the stuff inside without the password, unless of course they can hack the password with its 128 bit encryption. And if they want it bad enough they will hack away and I will gladly applaud them for only then will the contents be well deserving to them LOL
Anyhow, all passwords for my zip files will be found within the text of my posts. Therefore you have to read, or at least observe, where the password may be. Write it down or swipe it and save it to a notepad file.

Now I had intended to get this file up for aprilone but as I said, life got in the way and I did not have the time. But without further ado, I freely offer you my first layout, Julia 001.

Click on the preview to download

Now I hope I got all that done right. And I hope you found the password and saved it.
Now I will say so long for now and be on my way getting caught up with internet stuffs.

Enjoy your download and your day.


DST Blog Train

Yup that's right! Another train left the station yesterday and you are going to love this mega kit as well. You won't want to miss out on this one either.

Thanks to Mandy for reminding me about DST's April Mega Blog Train. This one left the station yesterday and it's called Spring Blossoms. There is a totally of 91 fantastic designers involved in this collaboration. So head on over here and start your way along the track to some more terrific freebies. And don't forget to leave them all a big thank you and some love.

I will be back later to give you a surprise.

Enjoy your day