Friday, August 28, 2009

Home, Home on the Stinky


Hello Everyone.

It has been a rather stinky week. Last time I posted I mentioned Tyler was going to the Ex. Again he had a grand time. The next morning, bright and early, I drove him up to the cottage. Unfortunately I couldn't stay.
There have been some major storms in our area and with them come sewer problems. Cities apparently don't build for heavy rain falls and so sewers back up. The last storm we had caused major damage to the system on our street and several houses on our street had this sewer stuff leak into their houses. Some had major flooding. What it did to out house was break the sewer gas piping. What this did was cause our entire house to reek of the sewer gas smell. So for the past few days we have had plumbers in to repair these breaks. Yesterday they finished the last of the fixings, or so they hope, and yet we are still getting this reek. Mind you it's not near as bad as it was but it's still here. So sometime next week some building code inspector is coming in to find out where this stink maybe coming from. Everything in our house is fixed so it's rather confusing as to why we are still getting this stink. Hopefully they can find it and stop it. Luckily we had no water or sewer debris come into out house.

As the woman of the house I am the only one who does the dishes here. We don't use a dishwasher so I do the dishes by hand. Since I have boys who eat and run, so to speak, you can imagine the amount of dishes I might do in one day. If I leave the dishes for one day it's really a nightmare for me with a whack of dishes to do. Since this sewer situation I couldn't do the dishes for 3 days. Even thou I sent the boys out for food cause we couldn't cook I still ended up with a whack of dishes. When the plumbers finished yesterday I spent 4 hours doing dishes. I just had to get them done as there was just no more room in the kitchen to put these used things and I was running out of cups and silverware. As I am doing the dishes and I can feel this air coming up under the sink with the reek of sewer gas. I haven't a clue where it's coming out from as a new wall was installed under there. Joe has looked and he can't seem to find any holes.
This morning I woke up with a very sore throat and I feel sick. I have made an appointment with our doctor for next Tuesday, it's the earliest I can get in. The remainder of my holiday is basically over.
I haven't had time to create anything to share with you all. Right now I feel like I am going to barf but I have felt like that pretty much of the day with no heaves as of yet. I feel very weak.

I thought it best to let you all know what's going on before I go lay down. Joe says if I feel the same way tomorrow he is going to take me to the hospital. It's not something I am looking forward to but as I feel right now I just may have to do that. I just hope I make it through the night.

Enjoy your day.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wild Weekend

Good Morning, Everyone!

I hope you all had as much fun this weekend as we did.
On Thursday, when I left to pick up Tyler from the cottage, I drove right into a storm. I had to pull over, the wind was so strong it was trying to push the car all over the place. Lucky I was far enough North to bypass the tornado's that hit up in Woodbridge. I never take the 401, it's such a nightmare. Those poor folks in Woodbridge got no warning and they want to know why. Many have no homes to return to while others have major repairs to do.
I tried calling my cousin who lives up there but got no answer yet. I sure hope they are okay. Hopefully they are up at their cottage (crossing my fingers). I'll have to head up there on my way out tomorrow and check in with them or at least make sure the house and property is okay.

On Friday we had a wild time at the Ex. It was pretty nice all day too, until we got home, then another storm hit while I was dropping off Tyler's buddy. They live in an apt building that has like 16 floors or something and they live up pretty high. It was a grand scene to see it all from way up there. I have some photos but they are on Joe's camera in Joe's car and he's at work.

On Saturday we had another grand time at our niece's birthday. I took pics with my cam for that. Unfortunately the darling was terrified of the candle on the cake and it turned into a crying game. Eventually her mother gave in, removed the cake to the kitchen and cut it up.
Last night I made a page with my niece after the incident, all happy as she normally is.

Not my normal style but her Mom wants the picture to be big on the page so she can frame it and see her darling without squinting LOL She is a real sweetie.
After we returned home another storm came in but it turned into a sun shower.

On Sunday the boys just wanted to fish off the dock; well Tyler did for the most part. I just sat in a chair soaking up the rays while watching them. Very relaxing. I was so glad I didn't have to put bait on a hook. Yuck.

I am a bit on the tired side this morning and I need to get some more sleep. Tyler is out at his buddies, already, and he will be gone for most of the day. Yup, he's going to the Ex again but with his buddies family. Oh, why am I tired... The neighbor 3 housed down had a backyard party which turned into a fighting match. Yup, too much booze and not enough food will do that. The police and ambulance sirens woke us at 2:30 am and this incident didn't end till 4:45 am. Joe went to work tired too. I can imagine quiet a few folks on our street went to work tired too.
Why oh why would they have a party on a Sunday night, duh.

So I am off to get some much needed sleep.

I hope you all enjoy the day.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Purposed Schedule

Good evening, All.

Just giving you the heads up that I will be leaving Thursday, after rush hour, to pick up Tyler from the cottage. I won't be back till late. On Friday I will also be MIA for most of the day/night as the Ex opens and we are going, just don't know what time that will be just yet, depends on the weather, which is cooling down some. The heatwave appears to have gone for the time being. On Saturday our niece is having her birthday party and we will be going to that. On Sunday, family day, I will be with the boys doing whatever they have chosen to do for the day. On Monday or Tuesday, it's back up to the cottage for Tyler and I and we won't be back till the 6th, that's a Sunday. That's how it's planned for now but who knows, things happen don't they LOL

I was finally able to get a layout up at the Stuff to Scrap Forum for the Color Challenge tonight. It's different then what I expected. I thought it would be like the DSO color challenge but its not. Instead you are given these colors and you have to use any of the STS kits and create a layout using the colors.

It's getting late and I must get some sleep so I will chat you up when I can.

Thanks for coming by and reading my post tonight.

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Burn Baby Burn

Aside from my post earlier this morning, I have spent the better part of the day in the ER.

Joe works at a company that is very hot. With the weather itself being hot and humid, this makes his work place twice as hot as it is outside, even in the night. To top it off Joe works with steaming boiling hot water.
Early this morning while Joe was working with one of the fireman's hoses, it bursts from the seems and scorches Joe badly.
This morning he called me to say he would be late getting home. If he gives me no explaination I don't ask cause eventually he tells me what's up when he gets home. Well by 10:30 he still hasn't come home and I am getting kind of worried. So I give him a ring and I can hear the paging system in the ER sounding off so I ask if everything is alright. He then tells me what happened. So I find out which ER he is at, hop in the car and go there. Poor guy hasn't even been seen too and it's now 11 am and he's been sitting in there since 6 am with 3rd degree burns which haven't been attended too properly by his work. When we finally get in the spot (a bed with a curtain around it) we wait another hour for the attendant to see him. By this time Joe has nodding off cause he worked all night.
When the attendant sees him he gets mad at Joe for not being seen too earlier cause apparently burns should be seen to asap to reduce infection from the peeling skin and blisters. (Oh, I want to slap the attendant because it wasn't Joe's fault he had to sit there while the staff came and went having cigs, coffee and foods. He tells me later that he was outside chatting it up with the staff several times while he was waiting and had 4 coffee's himself.)
The attendant then starts peeling the skin of Joe's chest and neck and in one spot he takes off too much and it must have been good skin cause Joe yelped, pushed the attendant's hand away and asked him why was he trying to take off skin that wasn't damaged. Then the attendant just leaves and comes back 15 minutes later with this cream that Joe is to put on the burn daily. In the meantime he puts on a ton of this other type of ointment, bandages up the burn with this metal bandage and gauze and tons of tape and tosses the wrappers on the floor. When its all done Joe can't move that part of his body as the dressed up area is too tight for movement.
When we finally go to leave he tells Joe that he has to come back every day for 5 days and that he's not to touch the burn or bandages in any way. Lets just say we were confused when we left with this ointment in tow.
On the way home I stop at a red light and I read this ointments instructions: do not apply with metal bandages. Oh, isn't that what the attendant put on Joe? When we get home I tell Joe about the ointment and he reads the instructions. Then he asks me, "Did you see how filthy that spot was? Did you see the blood on the tables and floor? Did you see the attendant almost slip on that paper (probably a part of a bandage pack)? I am going to get a flesh eating disease and die like Randy?" Yes, Yes, Yes, No (I hope not).
I admit, our little family are kind of clean freaks. You can image how hard it was for Joe and I not to utter a word in that spot. We just wanted to get the heck out of there asap. Since our belated friend went into the ER for a popped knee and came out with flesh eating disease and died within a week, we have been terrified of hospitals. We seen him that very morning too, doing his landscaping in downtown Toronto and he was fine.
By 3 pm we were both exhausted and went to sleep. If I didn't wake up at 9:20 pm Joe would have been late for work. He just hopped out of bed, put his clothes on and out the door he went. Didn't even have a coffee or foods. What a guy. I would have at least taken the night off having spent the better part of a day in the ER and having little sleep thereafter. Now he's at work with no coffee, no food, no shower and tired.
Joe's work isn't going to be too thrilled either because he is a very important person at work and he has to do light duty till he heals, can't be around heat (LOL) and can't do his normal job. Now this would be okay if his team actually contributed to Team Work but they don't. Instead Joe will have more work when he gets back to his normal duties because no one will do his job properly. Mind you his team mates like to complain a lot about who isn't help them, all the time, like 50 times a day, but they won't help others. What a week they are going to have without Joe at there beckon call. He always helps them when he's done his work. Now he can't LOL. Oh the fun!

Well I best show you the pick, finish up online and get some sleep cause I feel a bit jet lagged, strange but true.

I took this picture after we ate brunch. Joe just ripped it all off because he couldn't move and it was a nuisance to him the way they dressed it. We have all the same stuff at home that they put on him in the ER so I just redressed it so he could move. Terrible looking isn't it? Can you believe he doesn't feel the burn at all. Weird LOL

That's it from me tonight. I totally missed a speed scrap I had planned for today but hey, what is a girl to do.

Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fresh Air Bonus - Freebie

Hello, Everyone.

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Always greatly appreciated.

Today I have a bonus for you because I forgot to add the labels to the elements LOL

Click on the image to download.

Is anyone having issues with Google's Reader? I went to read up this morning and I had 10 sites in there where I use to have way more. Blogger appears to have retained the sites thou, thank goodness. The two are not in sync as they normally, umm.

A storm is presently hovering above and it's going to pour soon. There is a good wind but the humidity is making everything sticky. Hopefully I will get to play some today without the power going down LOL I have a few things to do first which I best get going on. :)

Thank you for reading my post today.
I hope you enjoy your download and your day.


P.S. Edit:
Google Reader and Blogger Not in Sync. Fix It Tip For Dummies (: Like Moi :)
Within Blogger's Dashboard click on 'View in Reader'. The page will load and the two will be in sync. Yeah.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Fresh Air Mini Kit - Freebie

Good Evening, All.

I had quite a bit of time to play today with the DSO Color Challenge for August. I made 7 pages and from them came a sort of mini kit which I named Fresh Air because the DSO Colors appeared fresh to me. I swear I kept wanting a kiwi and some mangos and peaches while I was playing LOL, but I opted for Fruit Cocktail without any kiwi or mangos in it. It did have peaches thou LOL.

I came away from my playing with nearly 80 elements and 5 sets of papers but i won't be offering you all that stuff today because it's like 1 gig.

The kit has 5 papers as seen in the quick page below, about 30 or so elements, not all shown in the preview, and only 2 alphas, 1 redish and one greenish (the 1st and 3rd colors on the DSO Color palette) .

Here is Fresh Air

Download the Alpha
Download the Papers
Download the Elements1
Download the Elements2

Any issues let me know so I can fix any.
It's also my first mini kit of sorts so let me know, if you like, how you like it.

It's about 1:50 am so I best get some zeez.

Thank you for reading my post tonight.
Enjoy your downloads and your day.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

DSO QP Freebie

Hello, All!

Thank you for all the comments on the free templates. I hope you are using them and have found no issues.

Whew! So far I've had such a fantastic time this summer. How about you all?
If I didn't have to do some pre-school shopping I think I would still be up at the cottage right now, starts on Sept 8th and I want to get everything done before the Ex opens on Friday. But believe me I won't be sticking around here for 3 more weeks waiting for the bell to ring.

I came back yesterday in the later afternoon and wow what a heat wave down here. I always drive in the off hours, no rush hours or high pollutions to deal with but once I open the window at Tim Horton's to get a coffee it felt like there was no fresh air to breath. Up at the cottage it's totally different; there is always fresh air even when its hot.

Last night, after I took Lady for a walk to get my mail from my cousin who lives a few blocks away, I hopped into the DSO to pick up the color swatch for this month. I began to play a bit and since I have a gazillion photos to scrap I made one quick page. When I play it goes on and on LOL cause well I am creating as I go so it takes way longer.
Here is the quick page I made and from it I made one for you all too.

Click on the image to download this quick page.

Right now I have to go and wash all the clothes I bought for Tyler, get all his school stuff ready and hopefully I will have some time to spare to get in another quick page or something. Tyler is still up at the cottage and he won't be back till Thursday night. Friday the Ex is under $2.00 to get in and he said he wants to go that day. Oh, the madness! I hope he wants to go in the late afternoon cause I don't think it will be all that great if we have to walk around sweating and passing out from the heat. This is truly naked weather, or 'the least clothes the better', LOL. Thank goodness for AC.

That's it from me for now.

Enjoy your day and your download.
Huggins Pat

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

7 Templates - Freebies

Whew, what a storm. I decided to stay the night as it looked as thou another storm was brewing around the time I was ready to leave. To while away the time I did some scrap pages. Then I turned those pages into templates for you because I have been absent for so long and you deserve something for the long wait :)

Here are the 7 templates. Just click on the images to download.

This one has some bonus buttons I made.

It's nearly 6:30 am and Joe will be home soon and then I will be off. Thank you for dropping in today. Enjoy your downloads and your day and we'll chat you all in a couple of weeks.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just for a Bit

Is it summer? LOL It's been the greenest summer in ages thanks to all the rain. And it has been a very rainy July. August seems to have started here with a heat wave and I am sitting here sweating even with the AC on. A storm is hovering over the valley at the moment and should make a lovely viewing soon. I love to watch the lightening show and hear the clouds bang together.
At the cottage, across the lake, they make an awesome light show and Tyler is just amazed. He prepares for them LOL. It's funny, he never did this before but now he watches the weather station news to see if a storm is coming then gets prepared. He makes foodies, puts his pull out chair in front of the window with his binoculars. He will watch the sky awaiting the storms arrival. When the storm finally arrives he stands on the porch until he can stand there no more and then rushes inside and plops down in his chair and watches with or without his binoculars all the while voicing his amazement with ews and ahs. Lady is another story LOL She hides and shakes in terror from the banging of the clouds and the crackling of the lightening strikes.

We, Joe and I, arrived home at 4 this morning and I will be heading back up to the cottage tonight and staying till the Ex opens. Can't miss the Ex before school starts :) I am having such a fantastic time and so is Tyler and Granny. Joe and Grandpa only get to have fun on the weekends LOL.

I thought I would pop in to let you all know whats up, which I've done. I did the shopping, did some house chores & paid the bills this morning. After this post I will check in with the scrappers and see what they have been up to while the laundry finishes. I know I have missed a ton of stuff LOL. Not to mention that I have missed you all greatly. Once school starts back up I should be back into the fully swing of scrapping again.

Well there is the first bang of clouds and oh there is the rain. Well I best let you go as the power may just go out LOL (August 13 2003, power outage across most of Ontario)(Father in law goes into hospital, dies hours after scope damages his lung during exam:( )

Okay, gotta go. Thanks for dropping in and reading.

Enjoy your day. & Your summer!