Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My First Layout

For the past few days, as time has allowed, I began working on creating a few layouts with Mandy's Julia kit. After putting Tyler to bed tonight I finally finished one. This one is of Bella, my niece's dog. She is a Pomeranian Teacup and only 6 months old. She is so cute.

What do you think of my first layout? All suggestions are welcome.

I made a quick page of it. Do you think it's worth a download? If so, leave me a comment in my shout box and I will ask Mandy for permission.

It's almost time for me to hit the hay, (so to speak) so I will say, Good Night, Sleep Well.


What Fun!

Tyler went to play at his friends house after school so I have the opportunity to make a quick post before before starting dinner.

I have spent the better part of the day learning about Blogger and Google and the things I can do with them. I am having so much fun learning these really cool things. I even got a CBox. Now that was a hoot trying to figure out how to add it LOL but I finally figured it out; I needed to add the widget for html java script and with a few adjustments in the edit box, tada, it's done.

You can see I added my favorite blog spots in the Blog List too which also appear in my Google Reader. Now how cool is that. Now I don't have to blog hop to get the latest scoops on my favs.
I have only touched upon a few of the many things Blogger and Google have to offer and I am like a kid in a candy store LOL

I even got a comment today from Mandy from Mandy Made Digi Bits. I visit her nearly every day during the week. She is so cool! You should go and check out her site.

Hello, Mandy! Thank you for being my first commenter. mwah
I hope you have added me to your Follow List :)

Well there goes the timer. Yup, I set it so I would not forget to get cracking on dinner. Tyler will be home soon and there is nothing like a hunger boy.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post today.
Enjoy your day.


Monday, March 30, 2009

A New Beginning

Welcome to our humble web log. We are the Mossgate Family: Tyler, Joseph, Lady & I, Patricia.
Our blog, like many others, is our way of sharing our photos and stories with family and friends, in the fashion of digital scrapbooking pages.

I, Patricia, will be the writer and creator of our digital story.
I am fairly new to the art of digital scrapbooking which means I am just beginning to learn about this beautiful artistic craft.

Over the past few months, as time has allowed, I have had the opportunity to visit several sites of wonderfully talented scrapbook artists who have so graciously shared their creative works with the internet community. It is because of their gracious offerings that I have been able to start some scrapbook layouts using their items and to become more interested in the craft itself.
At present my goal is to scrapbook our photos with the eventuality of learning how to create items so that I can not only use them in our own layouts but also to give back and share with the community as was given and shared to me.

I am also new to web logging and at present I am learning how to be able to put my layout up on to the blog, set up the blog itself, etc.
With that all said, I will eventually post some thing. (I am learning the art of layout design this month)

That's about all I can said for now. I will write again in the near future.
Thank you for taking the time to read my first post.
Enjoy your day.