Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noshay Quick Page Freebie

Good Morning All;

I am back to pay the bills and decided I'd stay for the weekend to be with Joe. He has to work on Sunday night. Tyler is okay up at the cottage without me. We have great neighbors and Tyler is really into his Ranger training and totally loving it. He leaves at 7 am and I don't see him till 5 at night so he won't miss me too much LOL

We still haven't decided on what colour to paint the cottage and we are getting all kinds of input from the folks around us. One of my distant neighbors suggested pink. Gawd, no!

Before I left I was able to complete a whole quick page. Too much. Today I zipped it up and if you want it, it's yours. If you want the kit I made it with then head HERE and purchase it.

Click on image or just in case

Well that's it from me today.

I am going to play a bit and if I get finished anything I'll try to send it your way before I leave.

Have a fun-tastic summer everyone.

Edit: After publishing this post I went to check it out and what the heck, where did the two previous posts come from? I sure didn't post them unless I did it in my sleep while I was up at the cottage...with no internet or computer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June DSO Freebie

Hello Scrap Land

*So true, Linda.' Color - Colour for example' Thanks for the comment :)

Summer is almost officially here. Yeah! After a few storms went through, the weather here has been great so far.
I am just finishing up a few things here in the city and then we're off to the cottage and the Summer Solstice Party on Tuesday.
Other then painting the cottage a different colour, which we haven't decided upon yet, it's going to be one relaxing summer.
What color do you think we should paint our cottage?
It's Cobalt Blue right now. My idea was Lime Green, Joe's was Chocolate Brown, Tyler's was Aquamarine. Here are a few pix.


part of Joe

the rear view

the front view

looking out from the deck

Before I go I wanted to give you a little something to decorate your pages with.
I used the DSO colours for June.
24 papers, 4 frames, 4 buttons, 4 brads, 10 flowers and 2 templates.

Here are your download links




I won't be up at the cottage the entire summer break. Joe is still working most of it and there are some home things to take care of. Tyler will be staying up there all summer. He joined the summer Rangers. He met this group last year while doing his Nature Journal. He just may become another Ontario Park Ranger. Such a cool job too. Well it's time to hit the hay.


Have a Safe & Happy Season wherever you are.