Sunday, September 27, 2009

PickWick DSO Mini Kit - Freebie

Good morning, all.

Can you believe September is almost over already.
It's about 3 am here. Is it raining where you are, yet LOL. It's pouring here with a nip in the air. Lady had me up at 1:30ish barking at something. I thought someone was at the door but I found her in her bed in her room, just sitting there looking out towards the window. I did a check but didn't see anything. Then I couldn't fall back to sleep; so what's a girl to got it LOL

As many of you know Digital Scrap Obsession, aka DSO, has a color challenge every month. (There are many types of challenges there too) Well I finally got my scraps together and 26 days later I still don't feel finished. I still have to make some tags or something to write stuff on, so that will be a bonus for you all later when I get some time to do them. So today I would like to offer you all what I did get done.
The Challenge offers 6 colors so all the elements and alphas come in 6's. There are 5 papers thou only 4 are shown. I threw one extra in at the last minute after making the preview, and I added a template into the bunch.
This mini includes 6 buttons, 6 clips, 6 photo frames, 6x two types of ribbons credited to Deb The Scrapping Cop, 6 deco line, 6 Pickwick alpha standard sets, 5 papers and 1 template.

And because it's a total of about 140mb or so I had to divided it into 4 files. :)

And there you go. I hope you could use somethings in it.
I best get back to bed cause everybody else will be up soon.