Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Good Evening, Everyone.

How was your Valentine's Day? I hope the love was abundant throughout your day. We had a grand time strolling along the beach at sunset, dining, dancing, came home and watched Fast and Furious on ROD, now Joe is fast asleep. Me, I am just too excited. See I got a surprise from Joe and Tyler for Valentines. Totally unexpected. I am over the top. I draw, a lot LOL and they thought it would be really cool if the got me the package you see below. It's an HP Tablet PC. I can draw on it. I am thrilled I got it but as I think of the endless possibilities I wonder if I will stop doing my art books on paper? Will I toss my art brushes, oils, inks, watercolors, charcoals, chalks, pastels, easel, etc? What about my present 6x9 Wacom tablet? It's still in mint condition. Will it eventually collect dusk? LOL It's a bit bewildering. I've put a few programs on it already. I had PSP 11 laying around so I installed it and drew you all a very simple quick image. Nothing spectacular cause I am just learning to use the pen as a brush. It's going to be fun.

Here I have it all set up on the docking station.

It's portable so I can take it to the park and draw my little heart out :)

It's just after 11 pm now and I am yawning here so I best get my self to bed. Tomorrow is Family Day and I haven't a clue what the boys have planned but they tell me I will have a great time. How could I not. These two think out the wildest things to put me through and I always have a great time too.

Have a super Family Day.