Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abbey Papers - Freebie

Good Morning, Everyone!

How was your Wednesday?
It was rather cold here but beautiful once I was out in it for a while.
Did I miss Indian Summer? It usually comes around this time of year. I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it's just late. It's our favorite picture taking time. Lately my index finger is freezing on the shutter button and snapping with gloves on just doesn't feel right. Half the time I can't feel if I am pressing down on it. LOL And there is still too much greenery and wind. I've been trying to use the Kids and Pets setting more when taking photos in the wind and it kind of works. Still I need a new camera because all my photos are coming out dirty looking. Not a good layout does a dirty photo make. Fixing them with all these filters just doesn't cut it either. Nope, I need a new camera. Maybe I'll find one under the tree this Christmas (hint hint) {SLR please} :)

Today I have the remainder of the Abbey papers for you. There are two downloads. Here are the previews. If you would like these papers just click on each preview image to go to the download site.

Click images to download

Well I hate to cut you all short but I have some things to do before Tyler wakes up and Joe comes home.
Thank you for taking the time to drop in today. I hope you enjoy your download and your day.