Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scrap Designers - Oh Yeah

Hello Scrap-pers;

First; imchrists, did you finally get to download the sets? Please try again. File sharing sites are topsy turvy depending on the time of day. Mind you I still can't download some files I have been trying to get for the last couple of days from 4shared. Keep me updated if you don't get the sets, please. thanks.

Anon; I noticed there were 2 servers down at 4 shared. Anyone who uploaded and had their files loaded onto those servers can kiss them good bye. If you check out the 4shared forum you'll notice a lot of people complaining in there LOL
And here's a funny...I use Firefox and I block 95% of the crap that tries to get threw, so I go to get a download from the 4shared China server and it stops in the middle of the count down so I have to enable the entire page in NO SCRIPT just to get it to continue and then poof, it refuses to give it to me. Totally useless and a waste of time. Thank goodness I clear my browser cache too because no matter how many times I removed the China cookies they just kept coming back, on their own, without even being on site. Eventually I went off line and cleared it and poof they were history.
If you can work on your computer off line without any issues then your computer is fine.

Okay folks the reason I dropped in today was because it's Thursday and I have the rest of the day to play, until 8 pm that is, that's when Tyler comes home from hockey practice.
So I am off to read some blogs, lord knows how many reader has in there for me, and hopefully say hello to some of you in the comments. Plus I need to reorganize the reader as I want some of the people I subscribe to visible here on the blog and to do that I have to manual add them to blogger. So I will say adieu for now and keep a look out for the added blog links on the left.

Enjoy your day.