Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's In The Stars - Layout

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I know it's really early, or late in the day (depending on where in the world you are), but we have not felt tired enough to go to sleep just yet. We had a super fantastic day at my brothers. We got home around 8 pm, walked Lady till 9 pm, Tyler went to bed at 10 pm and we put out his Easter treats at 11 pm. Then Joe and I got to talking and then he wanted to play a game so I thought it a good idea to go about creating a quick page. It's now 2 am and we are just starting to feel a bit sleepy but not sleepy enough. What better time to show you what I created.

I was wondering if any of you have met Ashley. Ashley has the blog Dreams Fulfilled. Ashley is another one of those wonderful people which I have had the chance to greet in the scrap booking world. Ashley offers a wonderful selection of scrap book items in which you can create your own layouts with. It was in my search for boy scrap items that I met Ashley. Tonight I wanted to make a layout with this image and so I looked into Ashley's files and worked with several items from her assortment that I had gathered to create the following layout. What do you think?

This is Tyler and his Godfather Ken at Christmas this year.

Except for the sparkly stars, everything in this layout was made by Ashley. The sparkly stars I made by using Ashley's star and applying the plug-in filter Alien Skin Xenofex Constellation. It is great for making sparkly stars on any design. And what is a Christmas layout without sparkly stars LOL.
If you get the chance, head on over to Ashley's blog and say hello. You won't be disappointed. You will always find useful scrap book items there.

Well I best be heading off to bed. Tyler will be up before I know it searching for all his goodies
and there is nothing like a tired cook on Easter Day LOL.

Happy Easter!
Enjoy your day.


p.s. I almost you like my new header? I made that tonight too. Except for the grass and tractor the rest is all made by me. mwah