Friday, September 25, 2009

Fading into Autumn - Freebie

Good morning, Everyone. And Happy Fall, 2 Y'All :)

I have been so busy when I am not sleeping. I am feeling better but I still have some build up of stuff in my lungs and every once in a while a big chunk tries to suffocate me LOL and I still sleep a bit more then I normally do, but Dr said I should be okay in a couple of weeks.

In the meantime, life goes on and I had to create some stuff for Tyler and his friends. Their class went on a local field trip to observe the monarch butterflies preparing for their migration to Mexico and learn about the species. They also got to observe a multitude of dragonflies. They had to do a little project after and the mini kit below is a part of what we made.

Since I woke up a 2am for some odd reason and couldn't fall back to sleep I thought there was no better time then the present to get this up. It's been sitting on the drive for a couple of days LOL. It's not much but someone may find some use for it.

The above is part of a two pager.

The above is something I did with some of the other papers I made.

I may get a chance to share the rest of it next week.

I also did a little mini based on Tyler school colors for his yearly photos and I am adding more as I go along. I won't have to have that one ready for a bit.
I am moving right along with my 365 project and just finished doing the first week of September.
I also do a two pager for each month in review and I am all caught up on that. This was August.
This is also part of a two pager.

I am a bit behind on my blog reading and email pick ups but ah, such is the life of me :)