Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Papers Set 3 - Freebie

Good Evening All;

I hope your day went better then mine :) I zonked out again, after Tyler went to school LOL Woke up 10 minutes before he walked in the door for lunch :) Zonked back out for the afternoon and woke up about a 1/2 hour before Tyler came home. I literally dragged myself making dinner, time was so slow, I didn't eat, no appetite. Joe and Tyler walked Lady before Joe headed off to work, after putting me to bed half way through dinner, woke up 11:30 to potty & take more meds. And here I be getting this out to you before I zonked out for the rest of the night. Of course I don't trust blogger so I'm wasting extra z time with notepad first LOL. So let's get this third set out to you asap.
Here's the preview and the link is below it.

Now I must bid you all a goodnight and....
Enjoy your download and your day.


Easter Papers Set 2 - Freebie

Morning All;

Just before 2 am I began posting and at 2 am I was finished but Blogger had other thoughts and decided to crash. I haven't checked if Blogger is having issues but something was going on with linking the preview image to the download and it began eating my dialogue, then itself and before I knew it Blogger had gone savage LOL Then I had a bit of work to do in Picasso tossing the images, then in the browser deleting all cookies, then cleaning up, etc...

So I'll begin again....

I woke up coughing, it's so dry, it feels like I have dust particles like every where in me, on me. I actually felt and feel these things biting me and go up my nose and such. So I got up and downed some night quill.
I know I am going to be sick with a cold, or worse, the spring flu. So I better get the second set out to you now while I am still able. LOL

You can download these at

The preview is up there. Again I had issues. Gees.
Also I went to media fire to upload set 2 and seen no one had downloaded the Doodle Frames. So when I came to the blog I read several people had left me comments that there was no link to them. Thank you very much for letting me know. *HUGS* for your help. I checked the post and sure enough the link had vanished. No wonder there were 0 downloads. duh LOL. So I re-posted the entire post. Terribly sorry about that folks. I'll put the link under the preview in the future. Live and learn :)

I have to go to the potty so I will let you all go, till tomorrow, with set 3.

Enjoy your download and your day.

Doodle Frames - Freebie

This is a re-posting of a post that has now been deleted due to errors :)

Good Afternoon, All;

Can you believe it's April already. And Easter is this weekend. Time just flies right on by when you're having fun, and I hope you are all having loads of fun.
What a gorgeous day it is. I hope you are all having wonderful weather and are enjoying the day.
Lunch is over and Tyler is back in school for the afternoon and Joe is fast asleep. Carrie is coming over at two so this gives me some time to get these out to you.
These frames were drawn on the tablet and I wanted them to have 'jagged style' lines instead of clean cut ones. Then I filled them in and for some I applied a stone texture and others I applied a cloth texture. In the preview below some have 5 frames while others have 10. With the 10's they have both rock and cloth effects. There are 5 colors of each. They are all in the same zip file (66mb). If you're interested the link is below this preview.

It's 1:30 pm now and I have a few things to do before Carrie arrives. I'll have some papers for you all on Saturday so I'll chat you up then.

Oh, the stage is set, we finished everything this morning, and tonight is the show. I am so excited. Tomorrow is Good Friday, no school and no work just loads of fun fun fun.

Oh, its 145 now, I have to go LOL ;) Thanks for stopping in.
Enjoy your download and your day.