Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Mother's Day Card Freebie


A Very Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Women in the World.

I hope your day, your entire weekend, was everything, if not more, then you dreamed of.

I am exhausted so I am going to be quick this evening.
I finally had a chance earlier this evening to sit down and get this card ready for you.
8x11 in jpg format.

Front/Back View

Inside View


The poem inside the card is by Will Wallace

They say that man is mighty,
He governs land and sea,
He wields a mighty spectre,
Over lesser powers that be.

But a mightier power and stronger,
Man from his throne has hurled,
For the hand that rocks the cradle,
Is the hand that rocks the world.

I realize the word specter is spelt wrong, but that's how it was written when I found it LOL

Back on Monday

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy iNSBD - Freebie

Howdy Peeps;

How are you all doing? Enjoying Spring?
Are you ready for the biggest weekend in Scrap booking History?
Unfortunately I won't be around. Tyler has his last tournament this weekend and it's an over nighter. That means another weekend in some hotel near the arena. Then the season is finally over. Amen to that.

In light of me being MIA I pulled out my Monogram book and re did it for you today so you can create your own.
My book was called Life is.... I've also included the lower case letters and numbers, the front and back covers, and the reverse page.

Unfortunately I can only offer it out in PSP format because -50 mb is a lot smaller to upload then 350 mb in PSD format.
I don't understand why a 2 mb file in psp format converts to a 12 mb file in psd format but that sucks big time.
The copyright image and my logo, seen in the preview below, is only for the preview and is not included.

I totally missed my blog anniversary. It's been 2 years since I started blogging about scrap booking. When I have the time, which I should have more of very soon, I'll make up a gift for you all.

Well tomorrow comes early so I'll talk to you all as soon as I can.


Edit: With all the sales I forgot to mention....
the following kit,
Miracle of Love by Celine Designs,
is on sale for 1.5 Euros at Digital Crea...
preview is click-able...
recognize it?
It's the free quick page I made, found in a post below.
It's a gorgeous preview.

The preview below is click-able too...check out the deals.
Happy {Inter}National Scrap Booking Day Peeps :)