Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Gift For You

Season Greetings Fellow Scrappers!

As we all prepare and celebrate the Holidays, we would like to
Wish You All A Blessed Holiday Season
Wish You All The Very Best in the New Year.

I would also like to Thank You All for joining me this past year.
I have enjoyed your company.

Holiday time is a time for Giving.
This is my Gift to all of you.

Not all elements are shown in the preview.

Instead of posting 12 links, please download from the Folder link below. Thank you.

We are heading up to the cottage this weekend and we should be back January 3rd 2012.
Unitil then, lots of hugs, kisses, a ton of fun, laughter and joy to all of you.

I look forward to seeing all of you in the New Year.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blessings, Cousins + Freebie

Blessings for a bountiful Thanksgiving
to all our Family and Friends
who reside in the U.S. of A.

I think you'll get a kick out of this article
Google Now Censors The Pirate Bay, iso Hunt, 4Shared and More | Torrent Freak.
Also included in the Black List is Rapid Share.

I have created a quick page for you; one with a journal block and one without.
This page was created using Manue Designs Natural Freshness.

without journal block image not shown above

with journal block as seen above

Have a fab day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Assorted Freebies

Good Morning Digi Land;

Thank you for all your comments in regards to 4 shared and Facebook. I am glad I am not alone on these views.

Last night I finally finished up some previews for the gifts below. I have been so busy that I haven't had time to do much of my own creating but there were a few days as you can see. Mostly papers for some projects I was working on and a few elements. So here we go...

I hope you can use something from all that.

I might make a few more things before Christmas comes and pass them along to you but I can't make any promises because my time, especially at this time of year, is tight and I have to squeeze in the time as it comes around.

That's it from me today.
Until we greet again...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paper Caper Designs, Pretty In Green Designs - QP Freebies

Good Morning All.

I have a four free quick pages for you today made from the layouts I created for my scrap book.

These first 3 layouts were created using Paper Caper Designs mini kit Optimistic /Optimistic from the Studio NDContest last month. Vickilyn won that contest :) and is now selling her goods at the Studio.
In celebration of her Grand Opening at the Studio, everything in her new store is selling at a 30% discount until October 22nd.
Vickilyn's kits are amazing and a delight to work with. I really couldn't stop at just one, and these were created just with the free mini kit. Imagine what you can create with the full kit. If you were lucky enough to get this gift when the Studio had their contest then you may just want to get the Add-On.
You can also find Vickilyn at her 2nd new store at Scrap Insider and on Facebook.

This last layout was created using another Winning kit from the Studio NDContest created by Rachael of Pretty In Green Designs, called Midnight Air. I am still working with this mini kit :)
You can find Rachel's Pretty in Green creations at Ginger Scraps.

Thanks for stopping in today. I am off to do some errands.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Adobe and photo blur, Steve Jobs, Happy Fall Y'all

Hello Everyone;

A Happy 'Belated' Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and Columbus Day to our friends in the U.S of .A.
Autumn is HERE. Yeah! It's like spring in the trees; color everywhere.

I've been busy with other interests lately and haven't been doing much scrapping. I have been keeping up with some online news outside the scrap world; some of which I would like to share with you today.

1stly... Our deepest sympathies go out to the 'Jobs' family. Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers, passed away on October 5th. There will be a big employee celebration on the 19th.
From the moment the news hit the wire, Steve was the first post on every techies blog, and lots of non techie blogs too, even newsprint. One of the sites I read is Tech meme. Every article on October 5th was related to Steve. It was totally amazing. Way to go Steve!!!

2ndly... some really important news from Adobe: Adobe touts end of blurred photos. I totally need this. Check out the You Tube sneak peak. And... to keep in the Adobe loop they have unveiled the Creative Cloud.

A lot of us use Tweeter, Facebook, Adobe, Apple, etc. and everyday somewhere out in web land someone is blogging about them. To keep up on their news releases, and then some, I check out sites like Mashable and Tech meme.
From these two sites you can get to many other very important sites and some top of the line blogs. Here are a few I read... Slate, covers many news topics and so does Wired. Engadget, hardware and software reviews. Tech Crunch, computer company business news. Life Hacker, this review site covers way too much, on everything and anything LOL. The Register, total computer news site. Slash Gear, for the techie app obsessed. Gizmodo, the gadget site. Ars Technica, all computer related.

On the graphic side, you might find something interesting from these sites. Peta Pixel, a blog related to photography and digital graphics. You the Designer, a graphic design blog. Here's an article you may like to read, Digital Painting Masterpieces that will Make You Dream.
Designer Daily, a blog about design. Design Edge Canada, for the freelancer. Smashing Magazine news for web designers and developers. If you own a Wacom then you might want to know about the Inkling :) Oh and I can't forget the Canadian Scrapbooker.

I also wanted to let my local scrap booker's know about the up coming Scrap Fest next Friday and Saturday in Oshawa, Ontario. Sue Sykes, Cathie Allen, Vicki Boutin, Becky Fleck, Kelly Panacci, Christy Riopel, Sarah Hodgkinson from Canadian Scrapbooker, will be the teachers :)

Check it out. I might see you there if you come :)

There's my ride. I am off to a crafting party in Bolton, Ontario. Thanks for popping in today. I'll post some pictures when I get back. Have an awesome Fall, y'all :)


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gail's Scraps 2 Quick Page Freebies

Hello Everyone;

Autumn has arrived in Southern Ontario. Yeah! A sure sign it's Apple Season.

I have a couple of quick pages for you today. Both are done with Gail's Scraps.

The first quick page is made with Gail's kit Bleu Marine.

The second quick page is made with Gail's kit Un brin de Legerete.

That's it from me today. Have a fun-tastic week.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Daybreak Freebie

Hello Scrap Landers;

It's been awhile, I know.
So much going on over here and little time to get on the computer.
I haven't scrapped in what seems like ages but I thought, hey, there's no better way to get the juices flowing then to go for a challenge.
Seriously, I knew I didn't have it in me but I needed the fun that scrapping can bring.
I have a ton of pictures to document. I can't believe I took 7075 snap shots from June to today. 5088 just for July & August. Whew!

The challenge was a biggy of which I failed. But that's okay. I was expecting it.
I forgot to put textures on 3 of the papers, the patterned ones. LOL
Last week I noticed it when I attempted to make a page.
I promised I would fix the papers and re uploaded them.
I've done that this evening and you can find the link below.

This is the kit I entered into the first challenge over at 'The Studio'.
(They are having a BIG BIRTHDAY BASH over at the forum. Check it out if you haven't already.)
You are welcome to download it....

This link has the 3 patterned papers now textured.

It's now 1:30 am and I will bid you all a goodnight until we greet again.


Sunday, July 03, 2011

Have You Got Your Challenges On?

Howdy All;

Happy Canada Day & Independence Day to all in North America.

Ah, summer. So relaxing. I am really soaking it up.

I even did four challenges. Yeah, knocked me for a loop too.

Have you got your Challenges On?

Here's the fun I had.

Digital Scrap Obsession Challenges:

Card Sketch with Bunny - Simplicity

Surprise Challenge with Moni - Blending

Divine Digital Challenges:

Use It or Lose It with Joli

Divine Diva Challenge with Scrap-A-Latte

So go on...Get Your Challenges On.


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Noshay Quick Page Freebie

Good Morning All;

I am back to pay the bills and decided I'd stay for the weekend to be with Joe. He has to work on Sunday night. Tyler is okay up at the cottage without me. We have great neighbors and Tyler is really into his Ranger training and totally loving it. He leaves at 7 am and I don't see him till 5 at night so he won't miss me too much LOL

We still haven't decided on what colour to paint the cottage and we are getting all kinds of input from the folks around us. One of my distant neighbors suggested pink. Gawd, no!

Before I left I was able to complete a whole quick page. Too much. Today I zipped it up and if you want it, it's yours. If you want the kit I made it with then head HERE and purchase it.

Click on image or just in case

Well that's it from me today.

I am going to play a bit and if I get finished anything I'll try to send it your way before I leave.

Have a fun-tastic summer everyone.

Edit: After publishing this post I went to check it out and what the heck, where did the two previous posts come from? I sure didn't post them unless I did it in my sleep while I was up at the cottage...with no internet or computer.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

June DSO Freebie

Hello Scrap Land

*So true, Linda.' Color - Colour for example' Thanks for the comment :)

Summer is almost officially here. Yeah! After a few storms went through, the weather here has been great so far.
I am just finishing up a few things here in the city and then we're off to the cottage and the Summer Solstice Party on Tuesday.
Other then painting the cottage a different colour, which we haven't decided upon yet, it's going to be one relaxing summer.
What color do you think we should paint our cottage?
It's Cobalt Blue right now. My idea was Lime Green, Joe's was Chocolate Brown, Tyler's was Aquamarine. Here are a few pix.


part of Joe

the rear view

the front view

looking out from the deck

Before I go I wanted to give you a little something to decorate your pages with.
I used the DSO colours for June.
24 papers, 4 frames, 4 buttons, 4 brads, 10 flowers and 2 templates.

Here are your download links




I won't be up at the cottage the entire summer break. Joe is still working most of it and there are some home things to take care of. Tyler will be staying up there all summer. He joined the summer Rangers. He met this group last year while doing his Nature Journal. He just may become another Ontario Park Ranger. Such a cool job too. Well it's time to hit the hay.


Have a Safe & Happy Season wherever you are.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Mother's Day Card Freebie


A Very Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Women in the World.

I hope your day, your entire weekend, was everything, if not more, then you dreamed of.

I am exhausted so I am going to be quick this evening.
I finally had a chance earlier this evening to sit down and get this card ready for you.
8x11 in jpg format.

Front/Back View

Inside View


The poem inside the card is by Will Wallace

They say that man is mighty,
He governs land and sea,
He wields a mighty spectre,
Over lesser powers that be.

But a mightier power and stronger,
Man from his throne has hurled,
For the hand that rocks the cradle,
Is the hand that rocks the world.

I realize the word specter is spelt wrong, but that's how it was written when I found it LOL

Back on Monday

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy iNSBD - Freebie

Howdy Peeps;

How are you all doing? Enjoying Spring?
Are you ready for the biggest weekend in Scrap booking History?
Unfortunately I won't be around. Tyler has his last tournament this weekend and it's an over nighter. That means another weekend in some hotel near the arena. Then the season is finally over. Amen to that.

In light of me being MIA I pulled out my Monogram book and re did it for you today so you can create your own.
My book was called Life is.... I've also included the lower case letters and numbers, the front and back covers, and the reverse page.

Unfortunately I can only offer it out in PSP format because -50 mb is a lot smaller to upload then 350 mb in PSD format.
I don't understand why a 2 mb file in psp format converts to a 12 mb file in psd format but that sucks big time.
The copyright image and my logo, seen in the preview below, is only for the preview and is not included.

I totally missed my blog anniversary. It's been 2 years since I started blogging about scrap booking. When I have the time, which I should have more of very soon, I'll make up a gift for you all.

Well tomorrow comes early so I'll talk to you all as soon as I can.


Edit: With all the sales I forgot to mention....
the following kit,
Miracle of Love by Celine Designs,
is on sale for 1.5 Euros at Digital Crea...
preview is click-able...
recognize it?
It's the free quick page I made, found in a post below.
It's a gorgeous preview.

The preview below is click-able too...check out the deals.
Happy {Inter}National Scrap Booking Day Peeps :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Stuff to Scrap

Stuff To Scrap Birthday Bash

Can you believe the parties going on in Digi Land!
I missed Ninth and Bloom's BB, sorry about that N&B.
National Scrap Booking Day is just around the corner too and I haven't even started on your gift.

Here we have Stuff to Scrap's Birthday Bash coming up in celebration of their 2nd Anniversary.
You'll want to join up at the Forum to get in on all the fun.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

2 More Quick Page Freebies

Good Evening Peeps;

I thought I had more quick pages prepped to go yesterday only to discover I had put them in another folder in the done section LOL
So here you go, 2 more to add to your stash if you like :)

You are welcome to download them Here.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 Quick Page Freebies

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter time. Ours was delightful thanks to the gorgeous days we had.

I realize I have be popping in and out lately without updates. Free time these days is limited to what I can manage in the free time I have. Hockey season is almost over and I will have more free time when it's done.

The reason I popped in today was to give you a few free quick pages as seen in the previews below.

You can download them at MEDIA FIRE.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter Mini Kit Freebie

Happy Easter To All In Scrap Land.

If you are a member at the Divine Digital Forum, (the thread is here, )

....there is a free mini awaiting you in the Gallery.
Here is the link to the gallery

And this is the preview ( 11 papers 63 ellies)


Saturday, April 09, 2011

Divine Digital 5th BIRTHDAY BLAST

Hello Digi Land :)

April 9 is Divine Digital 5th BIRTHDAY BLAST!

CELEBRATE FIVE! amazing years of providing more than just a digital scrapbooking site...

YOU are invited to join us for our ALL DAY BIRTHDAY BASH EVENT on Saturday, April 9, 2011 in the Divine Digital Forums

| 1$ SALE | FREE KIT w/ $5 Purchase | Random Door Prize Drawings | BINGO | Site Birthday Card | New Designer Debuts | FREE SCAVENGER HUNT | PASS THE PIXEL | AND MORE! |

EVENT SPONSORED BY: Action FX; Patty The Digital Scrapbook Teacher; Studio RA Designs; Princess Lala Designs; Myriad Graphics; Snips and Snails Designs; Jennifer Z Designs; Joyfully Yours Susannah; Kimberly Schlehahn Designs; Creative Intentionz; Digital Compilations by Cinda; & Susan Godfrey Designs


Hosted by: Lulu; Royanna & Susannah
Join us in the Divine Chatroom for our online birthday party chat - we will have Goodie Bags, Trivia, Door Prizes and mix & mingle time!


Hundreds of Designer Products on SALE! for ONLY $1 Each! Scrapkits, Commercial Use, Photography Tools, Hybrid, and more!


All purchases of over $5 on April 9th (EST time) will receive the Team Divine Collab kit "Artist in Me!" - Coupon will be sent after purchase within 72 hours.


“GIVE ME 5 - Free Scavenger Hunt” | April 9-13
5 Days | 5 Designers | 5 Freebies Each Day! Join us in the forums daily to find FIVE hidden goodies!


Celebrating Easter & Spring with a digital ART JOURNAL! Come play in a world of WHIMSY with an Alice In Wonderland Themed MEGA Collab! SPRING comes ALIVE through the looking glass of this amazing group of Designers!


| |
“Let Creativity FLY!”


Thursday, March 03, 2011

Scrap That Idea Turns Two

Happy Birthday Scrap That Idea!

Let's Celebrate!

March 1st 2011 marked the 2nd anniversary of Scrap That Idea.

Scrap That Idea was created by 4 wonderfully talented girls who love to scrap.

I first came across Victoria Parker about 5 years ago when she first began to dabble in online digital scrapbooking and communication. As a 'newbie' to the digital scrap booking world she wooed us with her talented creativity through 'Freebies'. As Vicki learned new scrap booking techniques and traveled in scrap booking circles, she met 3 other wonderfully talented scrap booking girls; Stacey, Sara & Mel. During the first couple of years these 4 girls not only became great friends, they would also collab on many projects together, so much so, that 2 years ago, on March 1st, Scrap That Idea was born.
Scrap That Idea bought each of these talented scrap booking designers together to offer the online public a store to purchase their scrap booking products, a forum to play, learn, chat, get the latest new, etc., a blog to keep the web community apprised of what the girls are up to at Scrap That Idea, and much more.
A year and a half later Scrap That Idea added another friend and wonderfully talented designer, to their group from their CT Team, Laramie. To date they are all quite busy creating fantastic scrap booking supplies while keeping their forum actively rocking with fun.

During their 2nd year anniversary party their is lots of fun going on in the forums so head on over and join in on the celebrations and make some points for participating.

Every month, with the purchase of $5.00 or more in the store, you not only get some fantastic scrap booking products and points towards future purchases but you also get a free collab kit.

And this month Scrap That Idea has a special event going on that you truly do not want to miss out on. Check it out.

Head on over to Scrap That Idea, get some fantastic scrap booking supplies and join in on all the fun!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valenitne's Day - Freebie Mini

Happy Valentine's Day Scrapers;

It has been quite some time, very busy on my end, little time to post.
We wish you all a very Happy New Year, we hope you have a funtastic year of the Rabbit.
I am going straight to the point of today's post as I still have a few things to do before hitting the hay and I wanted to get at least something out to you all in honor of today.

As I mentioned before, while enjoying Tyler's hockey games, I indulge in a bit of scrap making while waiting for him to change in and out of his gear. Here's a little mini of some paper and fabric things I made for some Love layouts.

Papers 1

Papers 2

Elements 1

Elements 2

That's it from me today.