Sunday, May 23, 2010

May DSO CC Mini Kit + Bonus - Freebie

Hello, Hello, Hello, Everyone.

Hope you are all doing well. It's been a is great.
Our Australian friends left for their motor home journey on Friday. We had a wonderful 2 weeks with them, went like every where. Joe started holidays on Friday and will be leaving for the cottage in the very early morning. It's Victoria Day Weekend here or what many call 'the 2 4 weekend'...take that as you will :) It usually rains and turns hot and muggy, perfect for mosquitoes. It's also the time when folks open up the cottage or mobile home and light up the bbq for some grilled steaks and veggies. That's us :)
The kids will be out of school in a couple of weeks.....the school year sure did go by fast.

But enough babble...

Over the past month, whenever I've had a some spare time, I've been working with the DSO Colors for May. So I told Joe yesterday that I must get out to you all what I have at least done. I was on an experimental journey with this kit. Nothing fancy by any means. So lets get to it cause there are 5 files for a whopping 334 mb to be had. You'll find the links below the images.

First up there is the papers......there are 3 packs....

Second there is the elements.....the are about 50 or more in there.

Third there is a bonus pack....with the alphas, more papers, elements, and a template. I made an extra set of those brackets extra big.

Whew. And there you have it....not complete by any means.
So I am off to dream land till 2 am. I'll catch you all when we get back next weekend.

Enjoy your downloads and your days.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

iNSB Day Textures - Freebie

Happy (International) Scrapbooking Day!

Can I say WOW! I have gone through over a dozen stores already this morning, saving images. Why? There is way to many choices for me and I can't make up my mind what I really need. There are just way too many fantastic kits and all kinds of stuff to choose from, it's mind boggling. I haven't opened Reader yet, haven't downloaded a freebie either. I can only imagine but I'll just bet there is over 1000 + blogs to read in there. And a ton of freebies to boot. And then there is the monthly blog trains. Whew, we are all going to be busy bees for the next few days. I am leary to even open my email LOL

Thank goodness I booked this weekend off with the boys ( I think it's going to rain too) so I won't be interrupted while I spend the entire day on the computer. I've never done that before.
The boys are off fishing and doing 'boy things' and they promised they won't be back till dark so I am just relaxing and enjoying. Everything is done in the house too. Joe even got me a 2 terabytes EHD. I think it's way too much and will take me forever to fill it up but Joe says that's good, he won't have to fetch me another for a long time to come.

I wanted to get some free stuff out to you all for the iNSB Day too, and was getting a bit behind on that so I thought I best stop looking at all the goodies and get these out to you asap. I made up some textures this week which I used on a few pages I created and I hope you can use them as masks or textures, depending on the graphics program you use or how you use these types of things. I haven't used them all myself yet LOL. There are 18 of them.

Edit: gees I totally forgot to mention....each are 300 dpi and 3600x3600 aka 12x12

Here are the previews and below them the links.

The images are backwards to the links... so image 1 = download 4. okay

Now I won't keep you any longer. I have some decisions to make :)
Thanks for stopping by.
Enjoy your day and your downloads!