Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept DSO CC - Freebie

Howdy Folks;

Is it cold where you are? Up here in Southern Ontario it's like the end of fall. We had to put the heat on a few days ago and last night was freezing outside. I swear the seasons are all messed up. We had the least amount of rain for summer this year and the end of Autumn came in before the end of summer went out. The butterflies are confused. They need the warm Mexican wind to take flight and it's no where to be found. Mexico is flooded with rain and there's not one but 2 hurricanes playing in the gulf.

Yesterday I went shopping for some winter boots with my girlfriend and as we wandered around the stores looking at things we noticed 95% of the stuff was made in China. I can't even find a pair of underwear that isn't made in China. Where the heck does the things Made in Canada go? Doesn't Canadians make anything anymore or does the entire planet get there stuff from China? That really freaks me out. No offense to China but I still haven't gotten over the wheat gluten pesticide that killed a lot of pets or the embalming fluid found in Victoria Secret bras or the lead found in the paint on children's toys, all coming from China. Or the milk that killed lots of Chinese children made in their own country.
I didn't get the boots so tomorrow I will try some other stores like Mark's Work Warehouse. Maybe I can find some boots that actually keep my feet warm cause that thinsulate stuff sucks big time. Last year I had to wear those thick wool work socks over my regular socks in ski do boots, of all things.

Anyways, I am going to be pretty busy over the next several weeks with Thanksgiving coming up and then Hollow's Eve and we still have to get the cottage set up for winter. Stages have to be made, painted and set up, rehearsals, parties, dinners, etc. so I am booked solid. And Tyler decided he wants to play hockey this year so my weekends and nights are gone too.

I was able to get a few papers done and some round frames for September's DSO CC but that's all I will be able to get done for this month. I won't have any time available in October so it's best that I get what I've made out to you now before I get so wrapped up in things that I forget to even get them to you at all. I so wanted to make something to do with wine and grapes cause that's what these colors told me they were but time just wasn't on my side :) So enough of my blabbing. Here is the preview and below it the links.

When I can, if I can, I'll pop in. However before I go to bed for the next few days I'll check in to make sure you all are not having any issues in downloading.

Enjoy and have a funtastic Autumn.
Huggins to you all.