Monday, April 13, 2009

Kindred Hue - Layout

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter and the kids collected all their goodies. The day here was wonderful and our get together was very pleasant. Tyler got a few toys and just a few chocolates and other candies. We are not to big on the 'junk food' stuff in our home.

Mom brought some old photos she wants me to make some scrap pages with and Joe's Mom seems pretty interested in doing so too. I thought I would be totally off the computer today but once Joe's Mom heard about the scrapbooking pages I make they both pulled me into the den after dinner so I could show her what it was all about. Joe's Mom had never heard of digital scrapbooking before and she was amazed. I went from start to near finished to show her what can be done. I think she is hooked LOL. This is the page we began creating today. Unfortunately they all had to leave before it was completely done as I did everything from scratch but they did see the results below except for the title.
Then of course I had to go about creating it in the way to share it with all of you tonight, creating the zip, etc. and finally it's all done. Tomorrow I will print it and give Mom her copy.

Unfortunately the men were left pretty much to themselves, in the garage, talking about Joe's motorcycle, cars, you know men's stuff, while Tyler and the boys played hockey in front of the house, so there is a great lack of pictures for today.

Oh yes, the layout. The picture is of my oldest brother Bertie at 17, my older brother Eddie at 8, and that's me in the high chair. We are having breakfast. My younger sister wasn't born yet but she was already thought of because Mom says I am 3 in this photo. I did have an older sister but she pasted away at 3 yrs old.

Well I am going to make another post and give you all this layout for a download, if you would like it.


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