Friday, August 28, 2009

Home, Home on the Stinky


Hello Everyone.

It has been a rather stinky week. Last time I posted I mentioned Tyler was going to the Ex. Again he had a grand time. The next morning, bright and early, I drove him up to the cottage. Unfortunately I couldn't stay.
There have been some major storms in our area and with them come sewer problems. Cities apparently don't build for heavy rain falls and so sewers back up. The last storm we had caused major damage to the system on our street and several houses on our street had this sewer stuff leak into their houses. Some had major flooding. What it did to out house was break the sewer gas piping. What this did was cause our entire house to reek of the sewer gas smell. So for the past few days we have had plumbers in to repair these breaks. Yesterday they finished the last of the fixings, or so they hope, and yet we are still getting this reek. Mind you it's not near as bad as it was but it's still here. So sometime next week some building code inspector is coming in to find out where this stink maybe coming from. Everything in our house is fixed so it's rather confusing as to why we are still getting this stink. Hopefully they can find it and stop it. Luckily we had no water or sewer debris come into out house.

As the woman of the house I am the only one who does the dishes here. We don't use a dishwasher so I do the dishes by hand. Since I have boys who eat and run, so to speak, you can imagine the amount of dishes I might do in one day. If I leave the dishes for one day it's really a nightmare for me with a whack of dishes to do. Since this sewer situation I couldn't do the dishes for 3 days. Even thou I sent the boys out for food cause we couldn't cook I still ended up with a whack of dishes. When the plumbers finished yesterday I spent 4 hours doing dishes. I just had to get them done as there was just no more room in the kitchen to put these used things and I was running out of cups and silverware. As I am doing the dishes and I can feel this air coming up under the sink with the reek of sewer gas. I haven't a clue where it's coming out from as a new wall was installed under there. Joe has looked and he can't seem to find any holes.
This morning I woke up with a very sore throat and I feel sick. I have made an appointment with our doctor for next Tuesday, it's the earliest I can get in. The remainder of my holiday is basically over.
I haven't had time to create anything to share with you all. Right now I feel like I am going to barf but I have felt like that pretty much of the day with no heaves as of yet. I feel very weak.

I thought it best to let you all know what's going on before I go lay down. Joe says if I feel the same way tomorrow he is going to take me to the hospital. It's not something I am looking forward to but as I feel right now I just may have to do that. I just hope I make it through the night.

Enjoy your day.

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Mandy said...

Oh I feel for you guys!!! Be careful... if you still feel sick in the morning go to the doctor!!!! You dont want to mess around with this stuff!!! Agh... now Im worried! I'll be checking back hope you feel better!
Take care