Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Scrappy

I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend. We had beautiful weather here for it.

Unfortunately I spent much of my time sleeping through it LOL I really shouldn't laugh because although I was feeling better at first but on the 7th day I wasn't feeling all that great. I appear to have something else wrong with my lungs now.
I went in on Tuesday for a follow up and I have to go back next Tuesday for some more scans. My left side lung hurts and my left side shoulder and neck. I feel like I am breathing fire, like my lungs are dried and hot. It's a weird feeling I have never had before. I hope those pills I took didn't do this to me cause pills are suppose to heal not damage, right LOL
Joe said to me yesterday, 'Gees, I hope you don't die on me.' That's how bad I appear to look to him. And I do look horrible too. I've lost weight: I use to be 135lbs now I am 111lbs. I have big black bags under my eyes: I never had this before even from loss of sleep. Something is wrong for sure, what it is, who knows.

I woke up at 7 this morning and since I am not taking those pills anymore I can finally read some. So I went to catch up and found I had way to much for me to deal with all at once so I am going to take it slow, a bit at a time.

So here is what I read so far.
Ellie Lash is leaving the scrapping community :( She is having a retirement sale which ends September 30th. If you love her designs then head on over to her store and grab all you can. Everything is real cheap.

Stone Accent Studios is having their annual Designer Contest and are onto round 2.
Brownie Scraps is almost finished their annual Designer Survivor Contest.
Ginger Scraps Designer Survivor is finished and the winner is March 76. Congrats!
The September blog trains have left the stations of ADSD (School Daze), CSD (Education Station), Pretty Scrappy (Loads of Learning), & Stuff to Scrap (Fall Festival).
That's all I got so far.

I need to rest, folks. I'll try to come back later.

Enjoy your day.

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