Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Belated but Happy

Hello Everyone!

Happy belated Hallowe'en and Happy November.

I am still sick. Joe and Tyler got over their colds quickly. Unfortunately, because I already had a lung issue, I am still dragging this cold around. I have been to the doctors and I don't have anything more then a cold. I toss my cookies everyday, have constant headaches and cough way too much. Medicines just don't cut it either. I wake up dry mouthed every night and cough and spit phlegm for what feels like hours. Joe coughed so much his first week that he blew a vessel in his eye.

Joe has to do everything outside of the house lately because I just can't handle this situation in the public eye.
Joe took Tyler out for Hallowe'en and they came back within a half hour. What? Very few people were giving out treats because of H1N1. I had my cousin over to take care of giving out the treats but only 12 children showed up all night. Our street didn't even have the street party going on like they usually have every year. It's apparently that bad. A 13 year old boy died last week, so sad, from H1N1. What really gets me in his situation is that he went to the hospital and they sent him home and he died a few days later. Scary.

I haven't been able to read too much and I have tons of reading to do. I am almost at 1000 on Google Reader LOL
I have tried to put my mind into creating stuff but it takes me days to finish a paper. I am way behind on my 365 pages too.

This morning I feel okay so far so I thought I would get a word in while I can. Just so you all know I haven't completely fallen off the face of the earth just yet LOL. I was able to read 4 blogs this morning.

KimB is one year older, oops, younger today. WOOT WOOT. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM! May you enjoy a hundred more. Drop by Kim's blog this week and you may find some surprises waiting for you. And drop into the forum cause there is a ton of fun going on.

November 7th is Digital Scrapbooking Day and there are celebrations going on all over the scrapbooking community.
All the scrapbooking forums are celebrating the entire month of November with fun things to do and many blogs will no doubt be giving out tons of freebies and having fantastic sales.

Oh, I wanted to mention this about blog sites & Google Reader before I forget. I have approx 865 blogs in my reader. I use my reader because it saves me space on saving and going through tons of blogs in my favorites list and Google Reader makes reading blogs so much easier. If a blog shortens its blog feeds so that I have to visit the blog itself just to read a full posting then it is no better then going to a site in my favorites. Some sites are also blocking a link so that I have to visit the site to go to the link provided, again no better.
Google Reader is suppose to be an asset, and it is too me cause whenever a blog posts I know, if a blog doesn't post I can see that too. It's my main reason for using it. If I was to visit every single blog in my favorites I would be here for hours because I wouldn't know who posted and who didn't. That would be a total waste of time best spent elsewhere.
I wish blogger would mark reading a blog in reader as a visit to the blog itself but it doesn't work that way, yet. I know a lot of site observe their hits. I personally don't count things like that but it's important to many out there.

Anywho, November 7th is not only Digital Scrapbooking Day but it's also our anniversary. We'll be spending it at home for the first time in 10 years. When I feel better Joe said he will take me out and do whatever I want or go anywhere I want. How sweet! I will probably think of something he might want to do and suggest that LOL.

Here's a funny Mom's may be able to relate too. Last Thursday I made dinner and the boys were sitting at the table while I got everything done. Tyler says to me, 'Come on Mom, we're waiting for you.' I said, 'Go ahead, eat.' He says, 'Mom, you always come late to the table and we're half finished by then and then we finish and you are still eating.' 'Yup', I said, 'Mom's always eat last.' He says, 'But Mom, that don't seem right cause we always leave you sitting here by yourself after we're done. You should eat with us and finish with us.' 'Well, my boy,' I said, 'it's a Mom's life to be last while her family comes first. It's always been that way and will always be that way. I don't mind it a bit cause I love you guys.' Tyler jumps up and runs over to me and gives me the tightest hug and says, "Mom, you're the best. Now come and eat.' And he take my hand and brings me over to the table and tells me to sit down. Then he get the drinks and brings them over and puts them on the table. 'There,' he says, we're all ready, now let's eat.'
Since then, everyday he can, Tyler sets up the dining table so that he can eat with 'his Mom'. He is so sweet. I swear Joe must be telling him stuff cause in 8 years he never mentioned this before. Maybe cause I am sick and he sees I can't do a whole lot like I usually do but it's a blessing none the less.

Well I typed this up before I posted and an hour and a half as pasted me by. That is just way too long to write up a post, don't you think LOL. Well I had several coughing attacks during the writing and my head is pounding and spinning; everything takes longer then normal with me lately.
Now I won't promise you anything but I will try my best to get you all something in celebration of DSD.

I have to let you all go for now, I need to rest. Thank you ever so much for dropping in today.
Enjoy your day.


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