Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oh The Sales

Howdy Cyber folks;

Happy Belated Thanksgiving, Cousins!
And look at all those SALES!
Best get on them a.s.a.p. cause they will be gone on Tuesday.

Yesterday was quite the treat for me. 7 am my aunt arrived and we went digi shopping till noon and ended up spending around 60 bucks. 45 kits in total. Now the fun begins in downloading them all. One store totally crashed and we couldn't get the downloads. I think that is the worst part of all the Black Friday sales. 10 of the kits will have to be downloaded during the week. We got all the rest thou so look out for some quick pages from me during December.

I am so jealous. Yesterday we got about a half hour of snow flakes that didn't even leave a mark. I want snow, snow, snow. My gfs in Utah, New Mexico, and several more states in the USA, got plenty to brag about. The New Mexico snow fall brought tears to my eyes. Here I live in the Great White North and they got snow before we did. Talk about a climate change. I was telling Joe we should move further north cause they got snow already but I don't think he's willing to do that for snow. LOL

Today I am relaxing, I so need it. Until 3 pm at least. Tyler has a game at 4 pm. My sister and brother will be coming around tomorrow to do our Christmas draw and then we will be heading out to 5 malls to pick names from the trees.
We'll be doing Christmas a bit different this year. We might not put up a tree at all. We usually put ours up on the 1st weekend in December but we won't be here. Tyler has a hockey tournament and we will be in St. Catherin's all weekend. The next weekend we have a wedding to go to out in Alberta and the following weekend we are going to New Brunswick. And Joe is trying to talk me into traveling somewhere exotic for the remainder of the month, which he has off. Add to this that I am involved in helping to set up the Christmas concert, the Christmas play, and 4 Christmas parties and you can understand why I so need some one to split me in three. LOL

So how will I be relaxing this morning? I going to make some quick pages, of course. Maybe I'll have one or two for you tonight.

Oh, yes, I am still boycotting 4 shared. They totally suck big time.

Have a snow-rific day.

Edit: 10:28 am

I got my's snowing, and it's staying, yehaw, yehaw, YEHAW!

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