Saturday, December 18, 2010

Time to Relax

Howdy Folks;

How have you all been? Are you all prepped for the big day? This year went by so fast. Isn't that always the way when you are busier then a bee in summertime. Whew, it's time to relax. I so need to do that LOL. When Mum said she wanted to have the dinner at her house this year I was overjoyed. Thou I love company, and we'll have plenty of that over the break, I really wasn't looking forward to cooking for everyone on the big day. To be honest I am burnt out and need 3 days of good uninterrupted sleep which I will be doing starting Monday.
We did get to put the tree up and I have a few photos of some of my favorites to show you. First let me say that the only thing I actually help with is the beads, the boys do all the rest. I have to say they have great imaginations too because the way they put it all together has stories behind every placement.

This one is the musical tale of the wise man and the big fish he caught. (the Wise man, the violin and the fisherman)

In this one the Angel watches over the babies while they sleep.

This is Joe's new ornament for 2010. He's an avid Campbell Soup Ornament Collector.

Joe got this Santa ornament when he was a kid from his Mum. Behind it is his Lou Gehrig ornament he got from my Mum on our first Xmas in our new home. Above it my Norman Rockwell ornament I got in 1994. I've taken this photo off the angle of the story. Sorry boys LOL

And this one is my Christmas card for 2010. This ornament is from a set I got from my Mum. They were always on our tree when I was a kid and she knew I loved them so she gave them to me.
You may have noticed that we don't put up a real tree. Ours is a fake one. And a heck of a lot easier to put away without a mess.
We had a real tree once but the mess, the watering, Joe sneezing all the time, it was to much so we just bought a nice size fake one our second Xmas and it's been faithful to us ever since. And no stickies :)

Over the last few weeks, while Tyler has been getting changed either to play or finish playing hockey Ive been hiding in the eatery with my laptop making Christmas goodies for you. I must say that the mothers of the team kept at me, being inquisitive, showing them what I was doing, how I did that, you know, being nice but really pestering me because I wanted to get it done while I had the free time LOL It took me longer and by no means did I come near to finishing what I wanted to put into it which seems to be the way these days. But I will get it out to you all before the weekend is over. That's a promise.

It's been a very long day for me so I am going to catch a few z's and get started on your gift after breakfast. Drop in later tonight, k.

Enjoy your day &



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