Thursday, March 03, 2011

Scrap That Idea Turns Two

Happy Birthday Scrap That Idea!

Let's Celebrate!

March 1st 2011 marked the 2nd anniversary of Scrap That Idea.

Scrap That Idea was created by 4 wonderfully talented girls who love to scrap.

I first came across Victoria Parker about 5 years ago when she first began to dabble in online digital scrapbooking and communication. As a 'newbie' to the digital scrap booking world she wooed us with her talented creativity through 'Freebies'. As Vicki learned new scrap booking techniques and traveled in scrap booking circles, she met 3 other wonderfully talented scrap booking girls; Stacey, Sara & Mel. During the first couple of years these 4 girls not only became great friends, they would also collab on many projects together, so much so, that 2 years ago, on March 1st, Scrap That Idea was born.
Scrap That Idea bought each of these talented scrap booking designers together to offer the online public a store to purchase their scrap booking products, a forum to play, learn, chat, get the latest new, etc., a blog to keep the web community apprised of what the girls are up to at Scrap That Idea, and much more.
A year and a half later Scrap That Idea added another friend and wonderfully talented designer, to their group from their CT Team, Laramie. To date they are all quite busy creating fantastic scrap booking supplies while keeping their forum actively rocking with fun.

During their 2nd year anniversary party their is lots of fun going on in the forums so head on over and join in on the celebrations and make some points for participating.

Every month, with the purchase of $5.00 or more in the store, you not only get some fantastic scrap booking products and points towards future purchases but you also get a free collab kit.

And this month Scrap That Idea has a special event going on that you truly do not want to miss out on. Check it out.

Head on over to Scrap That Idea, get some fantastic scrap booking supplies and join in on all the fun!


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