Friday, July 17, 2009

The Weekend Is Here

Can you believe I still haven't finished reading all the blogs.
I missed so much especially the CT calls which at first I was a bit sad over missing out on but then I had to be honest and ask myself if I could really manage doing that and the answer was no.
My life is too busy as it is and being summertime doesn't help in the least as I am rarely sitting at the computer now. Summer only comes once a year and I'd be dang if I wasted these gorgeous days inside. Nights, more then likely but days, no way.
I promised myself I would not let this hobby take over my life as it has done with so many. So many have burnt out or quit, and I truly don't understand how people with children manage to pump out a kit every week without neglecting things like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or more importantly taking care of the children and family.
I am sure you have read many a blog where the writer has mentioned these and other things and it always breaks my heart. I love my family way to much to let a hobby rule over them and their needs. I love my hubby to bits and he me so do I really need him gripping at me about the things I am suppose to have done but failed to do because of a hobby, no. I can't even remember the last disagreement we had, it's been that long, ages really. I am sure many of you can relate and or understand.

Eventually I will get the reading done but I am more excited now to be getting in on a few speed scraps while Tyler is up at the cottage. I have never done one in my life. But I won't be getting in on that fun till next week. I have only joined up at one forum so far and I promised two other people I would join up at their forums too. I think that 3 forums should fill in any gaps of free time I may find.
Well I best get prepping to head up to the cottage for the weekend. Yup, every weekend I possible can, you will find me there.
Summer, gotta love it and enjoy it to the nines.

So until next week....
mwah to all,
Enjoy your day and your weekend.

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