Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Just for a Bit

Is it summer? LOL It's been the greenest summer in ages thanks to all the rain. And it has been a very rainy July. August seems to have started here with a heat wave and I am sitting here sweating even with the AC on. A storm is hovering over the valley at the moment and should make a lovely viewing soon. I love to watch the lightening show and hear the clouds bang together.
At the cottage, across the lake, they make an awesome light show and Tyler is just amazed. He prepares for them LOL. It's funny, he never did this before but now he watches the weather station news to see if a storm is coming then gets prepared. He makes foodies, puts his pull out chair in front of the window with his binoculars. He will watch the sky awaiting the storms arrival. When the storm finally arrives he stands on the porch until he can stand there no more and then rushes inside and plops down in his chair and watches with or without his binoculars all the while voicing his amazement with ews and ahs. Lady is another story LOL She hides and shakes in terror from the banging of the clouds and the crackling of the lightening strikes.

We, Joe and I, arrived home at 4 this morning and I will be heading back up to the cottage tonight and staying till the Ex opens. Can't miss the Ex before school starts :) I am having such a fantastic time and so is Tyler and Granny. Joe and Grandpa only get to have fun on the weekends LOL.

I thought I would pop in to let you all know whats up, which I've done. I did the shopping, did some house chores & paid the bills this morning. After this post I will check in with the scrappers and see what they have been up to while the laundry finishes. I know I have missed a ton of stuff LOL. Not to mention that I have missed you all greatly. Once school starts back up I should be back into the fully swing of scrapping again.

Well there is the first bang of clouds and oh there is the rain. Well I best let you go as the power may just go out LOL (August 13 2003, power outage across most of Ontario)(Father in law goes into hospital, dies hours after scope damages his lung during exam:( )

Okay, gotta go. Thanks for dropping in and reading.

Enjoy your day. & Your summer!


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Judy said...

Storms yikes, I'm with Lady on storms.