Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Welcome 2010 - 365 - No Sweat!

Howdy, Folks!

We hope you all had a safe, warm and happy New Year's Eve. Previous posts tell what we did LOL. We have found it much more relaxing and enjoyable to stay home for the big welcome then to travel here, there and around. I read that's the norm for most of us :) Besides we were all fast asleep when the ball dropped. LOL

January 6th, the last day of Christmas, Epiphany. Time to take down the tree, decorations and wreaths and store them for another year.
Although the holiday is over and school SHOULD have been back in on Monday, Tyler has been off due to SNOW. I doubt they will be back this week at all. All the more hockey to play and watch for Tyler and his buds.
I was wondering if the snow would ever come. It's been so brown around here. What is winter without snow. So many places around us had snow but we were getting none. Monday is started coming down, then stopped. I was disappointed. But an hour later it started again, then stopped, then started, and it's been on and off like that ever since. :) There is a a good 3 inches so far. It been quite a pleasant hit to our neck of the woods too. It hasn't snowed up a storm and drop a heavy load all at once. It's just coming in a half an inch at a time. That's our neck of the woods. LOL

Have you all started your 365 Projects? I finally finished our 2009 album. I haven't printed it out yet. I will be doing that in February as gifts for Valentine's Day.
I was reading some blogs tonight which told of the dread of doing such things and the disappointment of not completing a 365 project.
Here's an idea to save your sanity....take a look at the project in a different light.
Reduce the compulsion to take a picture every day because you feel like you have to. So you miss some days, it's no sweat, really. A 365 project doesn't have to be a picture a day. It can just be just a yearly album of the pictures you took for that year. You do take a ton of photos every year, right. Well there you go. 1 year = 365 days.
You don't have to scrap them all either. Printing the pictures and storing them in a 'hybrid photo cache' is just as fun and you can drop in note cards, dried flowers, tickets, anything you might want to keep.
The Hybrid Photo Cache is not something you can go to the store and ask for by that name but you can get them. It's just what I call my expandable folder cases. It's organization in a case. I use them for lots of things like bills, insurance papers, tax papers, receipts for purchases, etc. I even have a case for Tyler where I keep his medical records, birth cerificate, report cards, his baby teeth, hair, and other stuff. You can get them at Wall Mart, Ikea, any Stationary or Office supply store. Some scrappers even decorated them up or buy them with cool designs already on them. My Aunt uses recipe card cases for her 5x7 photos, notes and keepsakes.
Overall just take a new approach to your yearly album and enjoy it without the stress.

Look at the time. I best get to bed. I hope there is enough snow on the ground in the morning to build a snow person. Tyler and his buds promised me today that they would build some for me when there was more snow to build them with. So Let it Snow!!!

Thanks for stopping in.
Enjoy your day.

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