Saturday, August 07, 2010

I am off

Morning Folks.

I am glad to see there were no issues (well one which I hope has been resolved).

It's just before 6 am here and I am off to the great wide open, Northern Country, that is, in an hour or so. Just waiting on Joe. So I thought I would come on in a babble for a bit.
I'll be back, hopefully by the end of August, but if things should change it will be the 4th of Sept at the latest. Tyler starts back at school on the 7th and I usually have a shindig bbq over the Labor Day Weekend, the last long weekend before everyone is back into high gear till Thanksgiving.
We are having some cool Autumn weather here as I speak. I actually had to wear a hoodie outside last night. The AC hasn't been on since the following night when the winds of change blew in and slammed my bedroom door waking me with a start.
Oh and here's a funny...the other day, when I did the template challenge over at the DSO, I did it on a song that I woke up with and it kept lingering on in my mind...well yesterday I was having some lunch and this commercial comes on the tv and it's got that song playing in it...and I'm like, so that's where I got it from...the darn tv playing while I'm sleeping...and here I am thinking it had some deep meaning LOL. I don't eat hot dogs, that's what the commercial is for.
Any how, I am going to bid you all a fond farewell for now.
Have a wonderful day and month.

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